Leo Rand

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Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
70 kg / 154 lbs
White / Caucasian
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Commune Screen Acting : Screen Actors Studio & Martial Arts
  • Budo Ryu International : 3rd Dan Karate, Aikido, Iaido
  • RCSSD : Acting For Screen
  • Southampton Solent University : Actor in Residence (2007/8)
  • Southampton Solent University : Richard Savage Actor Award
  • Southampton Solent University : First Degree BA Hons Performance
  • Arts Univeristy Bournemouth : ND Sound and Moving Image
  • Brockenhurst College : AS Drama
  • Brockenhurst College : A Level Theatre Studies


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Year - Type - Role - Production - Company - Director

2016 - Short Film, The Colonel, 'Bearded Thomas II,' Rachel Stephens Films, Rachel Stephens.

2015 - Short Film, Mr. Mandate, 'Medicae,' Medicae Production, Will whiting.

2015 - Short Film, The Vampire, 'Gangsters Vs. Vampires,' Blacktail Productions, James Barbarossa.

2015 - Short Film, Martin Ghol, 'A Killers Confession,' BU, Tom Smith.

2015 - Short Film, William Connors, 'Falcon,' 'Escelion Films, Steven Bull.

2015 - Short Film, Mike Howell, 'Run Escape,' Slap Shot Media, Scott Miller.

2015 - Short Film, Marcus, 'The Honey Pot,' BU. Marc Paul Stolworthy.

2015 - Short Film, Hooded Stranger, 'Song Line.' Dice Roll Films. Julian Eyre.

2015 - Short Film, Eric Stans/Dr. T. Ludwig. 'Total Cult.' BU. Mark Waylette.

2015 - Short Film, Bob, 'Trepidation.' BU. Harley Messenger.

2015 - Short Film, William Kanane, 'Colour is the Keyboard,' AUB, Niamh Farrelly.

2014 - Feature Film, Hazmat, 'Containment,' Bright Cold Day Films, Mark Mcenery-West.

2014 - Short Film, Tim Smith, WT 'Oxytocin,' AUB, Milo Cremer Eindhoven.

2014 - Short Film, King Nurphen, 'Pathfinder,' Bournemouth University, Tom Smith.

2014 - Short Film, Brian Louse, 'Manandkin,' Bournemouth University, Nancy Whitby.

2014 - Radio Drama, Roderick Usher & Narrator, 'Fall of the House of Usher,' Bournemouth University.

2014 - Short Film, Peter, 'Plastic Flowers,' Only One is a Wanderer, Will Whiting.

2014 - Short Film, Alan, 'This is Living,' 24 Lies, Will Whiting.

2014 - Short Film, Crohn, 'The Red Light,' Anti-star Cinema, Dan Cassell.

2014 - Short Film, Jacob Mace, 'In Maggots Complexion,' 24 Lies, Will Whiting.

2014 - Short Film, Man, 'The Child Inside,' Will Whiting.

2012 - Short Film, Tin-Pan, 'Deadpan,' Self Help Commune, D.M.L Baker.

2012 - Short Film, Hans, 'A Symphony of Hans,' Anti-star Cinema, Daniel Cassell.

2011 - Short Film, Black Crow, 'Spooky Castle - The Black Crow of North,' Giles Milner.

2011 - Commercial, C.S.I, 'Crime Scene,' Alex Kabban.

2011 - Short Film, Olli, 'The Last Goodbye,' Adam Longmire.

2010 - Short Film, Roland Deschain, 'The Gunslinger,' Dan McCormack.

2010 - Short Film, Stanley, 'The Birthday Party,' Dan McCormack.

2010 - Short Film, The Artist, 'Light Below,' Alex Kabban.

2010 - Short Film, Mark, 'Lost and Found,' Jamie Boxall.

2010 - Short Film, Bevois of Hampton, 'To Unwill a Heart,' Gela Janssen.

2008 - Theatre, Goll-Escerny-Heilman-Jack, 'Lulu,' Southampton Solent University, Matt Fletcher.

2008 - Short Film, Man, 'And then I woke up,' Josh Lawson.

2008 - Short Film, Whitlock Cross, 'Whitlock Cross,' Luke Mears.

2008 - Short Film, Man, 'Vacuum Mon Amor,' Luke Mears.

2007 - Short Film, Clarence Landon, 'I Will Follow,' Mindnapped Productions, Alex Lorenz.

2007 - Theatre, Oberon, 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream,' Southampton Solent University , Charles Savage.

2007 - Short Film, The Man, 'Paranoia at the Launderette,' Rob Hale-Monro.

2007 - Short Film, Brother James, 'Blood,' Arena, Gela Janssen.

2007 - Short Film, Almeida, 'The Reptile,' Southampton Solent University, Robert Carter.

2007 - Short Film, Lord Thomas, 'A Tale of Vengeance,' Chasing the Windmill Production, Daniel Hancox.

2006 - T.I.E, Ron & Josh, 'Alzheimer Awareness,' Solent University, Jon Barlow.

2006 - Short Film, Sergeant Pearce, 'Der Kriegsgefangene,' Weapons of Mass Production, Kriss Dallimore & Sam K. Johnson.

2006 - Short Film, Jon Boy, 'Our Day In Town,' Southampton Solent University, Robert Carter.

2006 - Short Film, Andy, 'Just one of those Days,' Michael William Walker.

2006 - Radio Drama, Narrator, Brother James, 'Blood,' The Story House, Gela Janssen.

2005 - Short Film, Jacob Whiteley, 'The Mount,' The Story House, Emma Stoffer.

2005 - Theatre, Harrison, 'Dreaming About Rebecca,' Wessex Films, Alex Johnston.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

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