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Now Casting for "American Reality", a Series of Short Films

Now Casting for "American Reality", a Series of Short Films

California, USA

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Now looking for actors and actresses for "American Reality", a series of short films that dramatize topics not frequently talked about in the mainstream media. The series will be available on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Itunes. We are looking to fill the following roles:

Mexican American male ages 22-31-Somebody who can convincingly portray and ex-military serviceman or someone who can believably fight on camera. Or a Jay Hernandez type.

Indian Male-Ages 40-60-Someone who can credibly play the father of a twenty-something year old daughter.

Indian Female-20s-someone who is old enough to be a nurse but not too old

Vietnamese American Male-22-31-Must be able to speak fluent Vietnamese and portray someone with an alpha male swagger.

Vietnamese American Male 18-22-brother of aforementioned Vietnamese male; must be able to convincingly play high school student.

Chinese American Female-22-31- Will portray girlfriend of the Vietnamese American Male

Chinese Male-30s-Must be able to convincingly play an intimidating tough guy; Mandarin or Cantonese speaker a plus.

White Male-Early 30s- Reformed criminal who turned his life around; Must be able to portray either a surfer type or convincingly convey having a criminal past.

Female-Early 30s-Any race; fiancee to someone who she doesn't know has a criminal past.

African American Female- 20s -30s. Looking for someone who can convincingly play an intelligent activist type.

White Male-30s-60s-A counterpart to African American female; a strong supporter of law enforcement.

Talk Show Host 30s-40s-Any race; someone who can convincingly do a fake political program.

Please note that we are only accepting applications from California. Should you wish to apply from another state, you will need to pay for your own expenses.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

This is actually a series a short films that will be spread across the summer, with principal photography tentatively scheduled for June 12, 2019 and ending no later than September 1, 2019. The aforementioned roles would only require a few days worth of shooting total, with no more than 3 -4 hours that talent will be required to be onset. In fact, a number of the roles may only require a single day of shooting.

Job payment

$20 per hour - The talent will be paid $60 for three hours of work.

Looking for a Mexican American actor

Looking for someone who either looks like Jay Hernandez, or someone who can credibly play someone who used to serve in the military or can convincingly fight on screen.

Males, aged 22 to 31

Vietnamese American

Someone who can convincingly convey an alpha male swagger, as well as speak fluent Vietnamese.

Males, aged 22 to 31

Chinese American Actress

Looking for a Chinese American actress who plays a social worker who dumped her boyfriend for cheating on her.

Females, aged 22 to 31

Looking for White Male to play reformed criminal

This is a successful entrepreneur who has a criminal past that he's keeping secret from his fiancee and the past comes back to haunt him.

Males, aged 31 to 35

Looking for African American Female for Activist

This role requires an African American woman who will play a highly intelligent debater and activist.

Females, aged 22 to 31

Looking for a young woman, any race.

Looking for a young woman of any race to place the girlfriend of a guy with a criminal past that she doesn't know about; there is NO NUDITY but there is a kissing scene.

Females, aged 22 to 31

Looking for Chinese American to play a gangster

Looking for a Chinese American actor who can play someone very intimidating; Mandarin or Cantonese speaker a plus.

Males, aged 29 to 39

Looking for Indian Actress

Looking for an Indian actress to portray a nurse and girlfriend of an important character; the character's last name is Patel.

Females, aged 24 to 31

Looking for Indian Actor to play someone's father.

Looking for an Indian actor, who can play someone old enough to have a daughter in her twenties. The character's last name is Patel.

Males, aged 40 to 60

Looking for Actor/Actress to be a talk show host

Someone who will portray the host of a faux talk show that does political commentary.

Anyone, aged 30 and over

Looking for a White Male to play Conservative

This role will require someone to portray a strong law enforcement advocate on a faux talk show.

Males, aged 35 and over

Vietnamese American High Schooler

Looking for a young Vietnamese American that can convincingly play someone still in high school.

Males, aged 18 to 22

Need Vietnamese Actress

Looking for a woman who speaks fluent Vietnamese who is old enough to portray a mother with a son in his twenties

Females, aged 40 to 60

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  • Located in California, USA
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