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Actors for a Short Film About Three Brothers Based in Bristol

Actors for a Short Film About Three Brothers Based in Bristol

Bristol, UK

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A short film about the interaction between Dimitri, Ivan and Alexis, emphasising on the contrast of their personalities.

The film is inspired from Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoevsky. Filmed in Bristol.

Alexis meets with the girl that Dimitri is in love with and she tells Alexis that Dimitri is in big trouble: he has debts to some dangerous pawnbrokers. Alexis's goal is to save Dimitri.

Alexis goes to their other brother (Ivan) to ask for help, but Ivan doesn't care at all if Dimitri dies. Not only that their father wouldn't help, but he turns the brothers against each other, tricking Ivan into thinking that Dimitri stole some land documents from the house.

Alexis goes to his mother to ask for help and he receives the money, but he has to give it to Dimitri as a secret gift.

At 3 o'clock in the night, Alexis is watching Dimitri's flat and he sees Dimitri outside. While following Dimitri to find out where he goes at this hour in the night, Alexis senses that Ivan is following Dimitri too. They clash, and, after a conflict, they decide to follow Dimitri together.

Ivan thinks that Dimitri is delivering the land documents to the pawnbrokers. On the other side, Alexis supposes that Dimitri is doing an anonymous act of kindness.

In the end it comes out that Dimitri is doing a completely different thing, which shocks both of them.

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March/April/May 2019

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Alexis Karamazov. The protagonist of the film.

Alexis is the youngest brother of the family. He is the guardian angel of the family and his purpose is to save Dimitri no matter what. He kind and innocent like a child, and when he talks, he seems to be clever and wise.

In Brothers Karamazov, the book, Alexei is an Orthodox Christian with a strong faith in God. He wants to become a monk, but he gets sent back into the world to protect his brothers.

In this short film, Alexis's philosophy of life is also rooted it his faith.

Males, aged 18 to 30 from Bristol, UK

Ivan Karamazov. The older brother of the family.

A sarcastic person. Ivan is intelligent, but he also has a dark side. He is indifferent about his brother's trouble. Ivan is highly judgemental, thinking that his brother Dimitri will sell the land of the family to get out of trouble.

Even though Ivan is insensitive, he has some respect and admiration for Alexis. Ivan is the most feared among the brothers: as he has a very strong personality, the others are not usually contradicting him.

Ivan's personality is in contrast with Alexis's.

Males, aged 18 to 35 from Bristol, UK


Dimitri is the brother who gets into trouble. He is an impulsive person, but he is also full of passion.

Even though the whole story is centred around him, he doesn't appear much in the film. He is almost like a myth. When he appears, he is alluring and expressive.

Through the plot, a lot of questions about Dimitri are being raised, so when he finally shows himself, his presence almost reveals the whole mystery of the story.

Males, aged 18 to 35 from Bristol, UK


The girl Dimitri loves. She is beautiful and smart.

She appears in the beginning of the film, with a serious attitude, telling Alexis about Dimitri's problem.

Females, aged 18 to 30 from Bristol, UK

The father

The wickedest character of the film. Pride, sloth, greed and other vices had met into this character to create a metaphor of the dark.

He is sly and narcissistic: he manipulates Ivan into thinking that Dimitri stole the land documents and then he shows self-satisfaction, as he managed to avoid giving the land to his son and turned his sons against each other at the same time.

He is quite funny, and when he talks, it feels like a spectacle, as he over dramatises his ironic speech.

Males, aged 30 to 90 from Bristol, UK

The mother

She has the most beautiful soul among the characters of the story. In contrast to the father, all the virtues seem to settle in her heart.

She has the role of a mentor for Alexis, giving him spiritual and practical guidance. She gives Alexis the money that he needs to save his brother.

She is bright and humble and her house has an atmosphere of holiness. She is an Orthodox Christian and the engine of her attitude and actions is her faith in God.

Females, aged 30 to 60 from Bristol, UK

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  • Located in Bristol, UK
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