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Death Note: Origins of L Writers

Death Note: Origins of L Writers

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I've been wanting to make this series for a long time it goes deeper into the mythology of Death Note in unexpected ways and why in the original series L was so sure that Kira was real even before he had proof, it also explores some of his first cases as well as the more serious ones he came across later in life it also explores how he became so intuitive and strange as well as his obsession to sweets. a Note you need to know is that we are focusing on the Anime/Manga L any spin-offs or live action adaptions of L are to be considered worthless especially the Netflicks live-action film version of him.

This will not be a film but rather a YouTube/TV Series that go for about 40 Minutes give or take each episode including the opening and ending credits I also want to give it that anime feel so seeing as L is not Japanese it will take place outside of Japan but that doesn't mean Japanese people won't be in it I also want you to consider how in the Anime/Manga L is a bit cold the reason being or rather the approach I want to take with it is because he's lost so many people in his life only two things would have happened he would have become a dark and twisted criminal that doesn't care about anybody else or turned into a cold and calculative person who doesn't let emotions get in the way.

I have already got the first part of the first episode down or at least the dot points in my head down Season #1's First Big Bad Guy, L's Father was a big investigator in his town but he was too good for his own good he followed the right leads and asked the right questions and came face to face with the worst of the worst he was killed for it so L being a brilliant mind wanted to help the police but being just a Teenager was turned away so with the help of his Dad's best friend Watari they start their own investigation and end up finding a Human Sex Trafficking Business and the man that Killed L's father.

I'm not very good at writing series like this with clues that lead to bigger clues and massive breakthroughs and underlying mysteries that each one uncovered leads to an even bigger mystery.

There are a Few things I need you to take into account when applying for this series the first and foremost is Respect the source material don't make the series non-cannon to this series while this might be a spin-off series I want people to watch this series and be able to watch the anime and say yeah these two series are connected

Two give it a Death Note Feel while L is not aware of the existence of Death Notes at the beginning of the original series he doesn't seem surprised by it either meaning he's come across strange powers before so come up with some criminals that seem believable but at the same time pushes the mind of possibilities if you know what I mean.

And Lastly, make it a Mystery series I've said this already but you might not have understood what I wanted I want each season's mystery to be pushing forward another mystery that will happen in the next season make each clue L finds meaningful and second guess himself make him not as confident as he is in the Death Note series but gains confidence over time so he's not second-guessing himself so much but most of all keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

These are the main points I had but I'm open to suggestions as well I'd also like to go down a route where he falls in love but loses her to someone he's trying to bring to justice if he's like a Modern Day Sherlock Holmes maybe this person could be like a modern-day Moriarty even after L takes him or her down I want them to still have a role in the future seasons where this Moriarty character can have a role where L visits him/her in prison and he/she taunts L for needing his/her help.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask and if you get chosen to help me create this series welcome aboard if not don't despair there will be plenty of other projects and opportunities in the future good luck

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

We will start writing this series as soon as you get cast and will contact each other via discord and update one another constantly we'll try and make it a weekly thing probably every Sunday but we might have family emergencies so if anything happens we will notify one another that something's come up

Job payment

Paid - $50 Per Episode


You need to be good at writing mystery stuff and clues kinda like shows like Elementary, CSI, NCIS, and other cop shows like these. You probably guessed this already but it's a self-funded series so special effects will be limited but at the same time don't limit yourself just because you think something hard to do don't try to write your way around a less likely to happen scenario if it's impossible to do it in real life there are always ways to make it happen so give it your all.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

  • Directing & Writing ability: Intermediate, Expert

Applications closed 28 December 2019.

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