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Rapper Wanted to Cover a Track

Rapper Wanted to Cover a Track

No Location. Apply worldwide.

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Unpaid. Rapping talent wanted to cover a track.
Great opportunity for the right voice to get heard.
Independent writer with 20 yrs experience. Can be done via internet.

Clean cut, sharp vocals wanted, complimenting female vocal on chorus.

Job payment

This job is unpaid

Track available to hear / try out on My Audio section. Thanks.

Edited 17 August 2019

Little Stories (c)lulakama2019

Doing 90 hit the brakes and I meet the dash,
Y' walk away with a whistle from our car crash,
Half dead but I need to see that you're ok.
Put a light to the see me we made,
Breeds rage breeds hate means I’m not ok.
Now you can’t stem the flow of this grief,
Plans replaced by shock n disbelief.

From a sweet lament you’ve gone to screaming and balling,
Telling me to stay away and stop calling,
I admit I took some here’s to self destruction,
Coz you were my one and now my minds gone.
I did it to myself like I did it to you,
Sat inside my head lost my freedom too,
Rip dead hopes and laughter,
Launch Enola into our happy ever after.


I’ll love you till the day I die,
But I have to leave you far behind,
I hope you win that war,
I just can’t cope with your mind.
Coz if I stay – I’m scared,
I’ll hurt you – baby I don’t want to,
Don’t watch me go – don’t stay alone,
I still love you.

What was that all about last Monday?
Next day and I’ve been your fun day,
Now I feel it I’m loosing the plot,
My heads gone bang and you’re calling for the cops.
Now I’ve got a record not the one I wanted,
Jaded, hated loved me when you’re on it,
If I started looking back we were going places,
Now you don’t answer me just twisted faces.
I can’t breath can’t see just feel,
And the only sense I’ve got is one I hate,
Too real too deep not me – surreal.
Dejavous time echoes of you time,
Not even your past time,
Now I’m standing on a train line,
Hands up you win – don’t worry baby – I’ll be fine.

Shout overs from male vocal.


Edited 17 August 2019


Anyone, aged 18 and over

About the advertiser
  • Located in London, UK
  • Joined August, 2019
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