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Actors Needed for Short Film "Paper Run" in Queensland, Australia

Actors Needed for Short Film "Paper Run" in Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia

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This short film is called "Paper Run" which is set in the 1990s in Australia's suburbs.
We are dropped into a Paper Boys last week, which takes a dark turn.

Aiden - Paper Boy: 17 year old Aiden is your average young teenager with many great qualities even though he has many dark situations happening around him.

One of these problems is his relationship with his father. After his father losing his job he has become depressed and has turned to the bottle. When his dad turns to the bottle he tends to take out his drunken rages out on Aiden and his mother. He barely ever interacts with Aiden and gives him the cold shoulder.

Another problem is fear toward Kevin who is one of his neighbours. One time while out on his paper run 2 years ago when Aiden was 15 years old Kevin was being very forcefully aggressive toward Aiden, trying to make him do things he didn’t want to do. Aiden kept quiet about it and didn’t tell anyone after the incident. Ever since Aiden has always made sure to keep a fair distance away from Kevin and if he ever comes into conversation with him, Aiden keeps it to a brief “Hi” or “Bye”. When Aiden delivers Kevin’s paper he also makes sure to throw it on the driveway to not come into any contact with him during the paper run.

On the other side of things Aiden has a great friendship with a young boy named Harry who is 14 years old down the street. They walk to and from school together every morning and afternoon. (Aiden also delivers his paper to his house too)

Aiden himself doesn’t realize it but he says and does things toward Harry as if he is a father figure toward him. Since Harry doesn’t have a father and is being raised by his mum. Also since Aiden has his father present but not there to support him he can relate to Harry's situation.

Greg - Aiden's Father :
Aiden’s Fathers name is Greg. Greg is 40 years old and has been married to Lily for over 18 years. He only has only good intentions as a father and husband but is struggling to come to terms with losing his job and not being the main provider of the family and has come back to having a drinking problem.

Lily - Aiden's Mother:
Aiden’s Mothers name is Lily. Lily is 38 year old. She is a hard working mum and wife, trying to balance family life and well as her full time job working as a Nurse. She always focuses on the positives in life and does her best to invest time into her son’s life and supports him where she can. She is trying to help her husband with his drinking problem but is meet with stiff resistance from him.

Harry - Aiden's Best Friend :
Harry is a bright, happy kid that sees the world with pure innocents.

Harry is a close friend with the Aiden (Paper Boy) and they have been friends for a long time. Harry has grown up as an only child as his father left when he was born and his mother has been left to take care of him.

Kevin - Pedophile:
Kevin is 32 years old, he music teacher and writes his own music. He has been writing music since he was a teenager. This was a way for him to escape from his dark reality. His father would sexually and mentally abuse him throughout his childhood and young teenage years.

Now through his adult life, he grooms children to try and get control over them and takes out that pain from his childhood onto his victims. He grooms the kids by asking them about topics or things that they like and just agrees with whatever they say to gain their trust.

Misses Pie - Neighbour:
Misses Pie is a sweet old lady with a sad past, recently losing her husband and has never been the same since. She is suffering from dementia and tends to mess up simple day tasks. Despite all this she does her best to put a smile on other peoples faces.

StarNow note for talent: Please note the Casting Professional has indicated this production contains strong themes including sexual, mental and domestic abuse. Minors are not directly involved in shooting graphic scenes with sexual abuse, however one is involved in scenes where an arm is grabbed. Applicants may wish to clarify further details with the advertiser before attending an audition.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Auditions: n/a
Rehearsals: n/a
Production: n/a

These will be updated as soon as possible.

Job payment

This job is unpaid - This is a student film so unfortunately I will not be able to pay people, but I will be providing lunch for everyone throughout the shooting days. Bring your own snacks.

Aiden - Paper Boy

Male, aged 16 to 18

Applications closed 3 October 2019.

Harry - Aiden's Best Friend

Male, aged 12 to 15

Applications closed 3 October 2019.

Greg - Aiden's Father

Male, aged 30 to 49

Applications closed 3 October 2019.

Lily - Aiden's Mother

Female, aged 30 to 40

Applications closed 3 October 2019.

Kevin - Neighbour

You will not be reenacting any things he has done in his past or any sexual acts.

Male, aged 30 to 40

Applications closed 3 October 2019.

Misses Pie - Neighbour

Female, aged 50 to 80

Applications closed 3 October 2019.

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