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Producer for Collaboration with Playwright on New Production

Producer for Collaboration with Playwright on New Production

New South Wales, Australia
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A play about a group of people coming together to perform King Lear.

How much history comes from memories of a play and how much comes from the players themselves? Lear is the play. The events concern the players and their trials through change and how they come to grips with the various challenges involved. It isn’t the history of the play that matters, so much as the history of the players and what they bring to the performance.

The Story

ALISTER MAINWARING is a writer with lots of background in theatre. He is asked by his friend, MATHEW ANDERSON to take over the direction of a production of King Lear at the local theatre.

Mathew has to go into hospital for surgery to cope with a suspected cancer. After some spirited discussion, Alister agrees to take it on. During early stages in rehearsal they lose two key actors slated to play Regan and then Lear. GIOVANNI MAZZARINNI a rather colorful gnome-like figure is to play the fool. He is also known as Giacomo. Why? Well that is one thing explored within the play.

The replacement actress for Regan is VICTORIA KAZINSKI. She is an ex-lover of Alister’s and a lady with a temper to match every mood. For a while it is touch and go whether or not they will be able to work together. They decide on a truce, but it is uneasy to say the least.

Lear is being played by CHARLES AUBREY who normally drinks like a fish but has agreed to go dry for the period of rehearsal and performance. To help him out, it has been agreed to keep the backstage area dry for the season.

Progress is made. Charles begins to find his way into the character of Lear and there is a general feeling that they will make the final hurdle and turn in a good, entertaining performance for all.

Then disaster strikes. Most of the cast eat regularly at the local greasy spoon, which in this case was the pub. Something was off and as a result a god number of the cast and crew end up with food poisoning. CHRIS NUGENT is violently ill, But Charles is worse – he dies.

Question: Where do they go to find a replacement Lear?

So what are we looking for? Well to get it read for one and then explore avenues for its production.

Theatre companies wanted to read and produce this play.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

We would love to see the play produced locally, but we are open minded about this. Overseas interest is invited and encouraged. Suggestions and robust discussions are also welcomed.

Job payment

Paid - Negotiable

Producer - Artistic Director

Theatre companies of any size are encouraged to explore the possibilities.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

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Listing created: 16 December 2019
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