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TryLife Interactive Drama Series 7.2 MILLION Facebook followers CASTING NOW

TryLife Interactive Drama Series 7.2 MILLION Facebook followers CASTING NOW

Chelmsford, UK. Apply from all UK.
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TryLife is a multi-award-winning interactive film series aimed at young people. We currently have 7 million followers on Facebook and are reaching 188,000,000 people online every week.

For the first time ever, the audience will have the option of following eight main characters. The decision points within the story mean that the viewer will determine the storyline on behalf of these characters showing positive and negative outcomes of real -life decision-making.

We are currently looking for raw talent and creative individuals that want to take part in a film that isn’t only being broadcasted to our millions of followers worldwide but could also help make a difference to the lives of young people.

All roles will be PAID and will obide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act.

If you haven’t already seen TryLife content online you can play through one of our previous episodes to understand how the interactivity works. In the meantime, check us out on social media.

We are looking to cast various roles and auditions will be held from the 13th - 22nd JAN 2020

We are looking for new raw talent, so don’t worry previous acting experience is great but not necessary.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Audition dates: 13th - 22nd January 2020

Call backs: 24th January 2020

Filming dates: 1st - 16th February 2020. (Times will vary)

Job payment

Payment TBC - Meets National Minimum Wage

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more

Supporting Role: Harry's Mum. Playing age 32-36

Long hair extensions, full face of makeup always, fresh nails, clothes, always in expensive heels. Lady of leisure lives a wealthy lifestyle. Goes out a lot with friends doesn’t really concern herself with the household bills and general motherly duties. She is very self-focussed and doesn’t understand husbands finance issues. Always looks luxurious and keeps herself looking young with surgery etc.

Female, aged 26 to 46

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Male Supporting Role- Harry's Dad. Playing age 40s

*ESSEX ACCENT* Comb over, always in a suit, takes care of himself. He is very self-assured and confident. Doesn’t look like he is struggling, he is quite young in personality, uses social media etc. He is always working and going out with his work colleagues.Drives a nice car and on the surface looks like an inspiring character. . Potential cocaine/drink habit. Living a fast -paced lifestyle with his job he is always on the go.Quite a flirty cheeky personality.Struggling mentally on the inside

Male, aged 35 to 50

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting role - Jak's Mum. Playing age 40-45

*ESSEX ACCENT* Earns a standard living wage, doesn’t live beyond the means. Dresses in similar clothes every day. Can't afford expensive hair and makeup and is just trying to survive life in Essex. Is highly focused on boyfriend and seems to revolve her life around him. She isn’t very close to Jack anymore and is struggling to find out what is going on in his life. Her new relationship is causing friction between her and Jack but she isn’t dealing with it very well. Quite stressed a lot

Female, aged 34 to 50

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Male Supporting Role - Jak's Step-Dad. Age 40-45

*ESSEX ACCENT* Quite a lazy character, bit of a free-spirited attitude towards life. Not really interested in Jack and his life is more bothered about making sure he lives easily and stress-free. Hasn’t got much interest in building a bond with Jack or being involved in his life. He knows he is having an effect on Jacks relationship with his mum but doesn’t see it as much of a problem.

Male, aged 35 to 50

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role - Sara's Mum. Playing age 40-45

Wears 2nd hand clothing, never buys anything new. Often looks tired and over worked. She Is struggling with language barriers and money issues and trying to raise kids in a small house. She works two jobs. She is trying to adapt to this new way of life but she is really struggling mentally and physically and pushes a lot of her responsibility on to Sara. Due to cultural background she expects Sara to just take on responsibilities in the house.

Female, aged 34 to 50

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role- Sara's Dad Playing age 40-45

Polish.Always wearing dirty work clothes. Factory job, internally always stressed but is quiet. He is living at home with his wife and children but really struggling to provide. He is working illegal hours and victim of modern slavery but is struggling to fix it as he fears losing his only source of income. Coming from a polish family he is used to having the responsibility of being the man of the house and providing. He feels as though he is letting his family down which is affecting them all.

Male, aged 34 to 50

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role - Eliza/Elliot Dad Playing age 45+

ESSEX ACCENT - : Very proud man, he has achieved high accolades in his military career. He comes from military lineage, ancestors fought in war. Dresses in similar clothing everyday. He is a very strict routined man but throughout the journey we can see that he is finally starting to understand her transitioning and ends up actually helping Eliza with her journey on becoming her true self.

Male, aged 45 to 60

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role- Louis's Mum - Playing age 50+

A typical farmers wife, spends most of the day tending to fruit veg and animals. Cooks all the food and cleans up after the family, very old fashioned in her ways and the way she looks and dresses. Louis mum likes to keep the peace in the household, understands Louis problems but she lives to please her husband and maintain this life they have built for their child. Louis feels emotionally attached to his mum and she’s the reason he continues doing all these things at home and she knows that.

Female, aged 42 to 60

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role - Louis's Dad - Playing age 50+

Very typical farmer, always in an apron blood all over him from the animals, always wears a farmer hat. Baggy farming trousers, braces. He has extremely old-fashioned values that men should be out working and the woman should stay at home and cook and clean and look after the family. He is completely against the idea that Louis could consider doing anything in his future but work on the farm. Very strict. Quite a dominating character forces Louis to have his values/morals.

Male, aged 44 to 60

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role- Support worker. Playing age 30's

Friendly, bubbly, trustworthy. Known Shane a few years. Helps him with school and getting on his feet. She makes sure he gets the right support with school and finances. She also puts him in touch with the local LGBT groups. She sees Shane as a friend to her they have formed a good solid bond. Only person Shane can really trust.

Female, aged 27 to 40

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role - Emily's Mum - Playing age 35-37

Typical Essex mum. Covering up her emotions with her aesthetic. She seems very self-confident and arrogant, but she is in fact very insecure and sad. She knows she is to blame for her marriage breaking down, but she is reluctant to admit it. She is trying her best to stop Emily and her dad from having a relationship and lying to Emily about him. Throughout the film she notices how much her attitude is affecting Emily’s life and starts to understand how what she is doing is wrong.

Female, aged 30 to 40

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Supporting Role - Max's Mum Playing age 45+

Lovely woman, keeps herself to herself. Has struggled with Max's autism in the past and has recently been trying her hardest to make life easier for the family. She supports Max with everything he needs and tries her best to protect him. She is keen for him to open up more and experience new things and make new friends. Doesn't get any time to herself as she has to cater for Max's day and make sure nothing can affect him mentally or physically. Down to cutting food, making sure tags are off etc

Female, aged 34 to 53

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Lead Role Autistic Male - Max Playing age 14-16

Autistic character. Wears a lot of the same clothing all the time, he likes his tags to be cut off his clothes and only likes certain fits. Wears cartoon t-shirts and gaming clothing as he loves gaming. He is starting to make more friends at school, and he seems to be coming out of his shell more and understanding his Autism. Sounds play a major part in his mood and how he deals with his surroundings. His family are starting to deal with Max's needs quite well and realising his talents.

Anyone, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Lead Role, Emily - Playing age 16

Pretty, cares about appearance. Always has makeup on and dressed in nice clothes. She is the go-to person for a lot of people. Friendly with everyone, brings people together. Parents have recently split up and are arguing alot. Her mother has restricted her communication with her father and she is torn between the two. She tries to keep the peace with her friends and family. Emily connects all the characters together and is a main role in the film.

Female, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Male Lead Character Harry Playing Age 16

REQUIRED: ESSEX ACCENT Harry is a good-looking lad. Comes from a lineage of wealthy family members. Has never had to worry about money. Harry is often home alone. Although it seems as though he has everything he is feeling very isolated and lonely. He uses his personality to disguise this. He is quite a cocky, jack the lad type character. Always looks pristine with new clothes and designer clothes. A bit of a bully. Exploring his sexuality, he thinks he might be gay.

Male, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Male Lead Character: Jak. Playing age 15-16

ESSEX ACCENT REQUIRED A lot going on at home so this reflects on his appearance, bit careless. Quite laid back character, baggy clothing rough hair. He is quite reserved, new step-dad creating friction for him and his mum. He potentially ends up smoking weed and secludes himself from his family and friends. His mum finding out could result in him running away from home and becoming homeless. He is a good friend and others confide in him.

Male, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Male Lead Role - Shane Playing age 16

Openly Gay. Been in care majority of his life, has recently been given his own flat but is struggling with money so mental and physical health suffering. He has just moved into supported living a flat with an onsite mentor. He has been given allowances and is starting at the local school. He has no money for food, clothes and is struggling to eat. Seperated from his siblings at a young age. No one to confide in, looks for food in bins. His peers are unaware of his struggle. Hides it with joking.

Male, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Female Lead Character - Sara. Playing age 15-16

ESSEX ACCENT. Polish heritage, preferably polish speaking. Gets on with everyone. Dresses quite cool, she has an interest in rap. Her parents are immigrants, but both have jobs. They are struggling to make ends meat as her father is being underpaid and is a victim of modern slavery. Sara is a young carer for a disabled sibling so her school-work and social life are suffering. strong Essex accent and you wouldn’t assume she wasn’t English. Tries to make money for her family.

Female, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Male Lead Character Louis. Playing age 15

Lives on a farm, wears farm clothing. Usually has to do chores so his whole life is catered around farming. Spends most of time travelling to and from school. He doesn’t get much time to socialise with his friends as he is so secluded by where he lives. Wants to be vegan but his parents don't take him seriously. Expect him to just follow on the farming traditions. Feeling lonely and expresses himself through poetry. Free spirited, loves the animals even-though farm is a burden.

Male, aged 18 to 20

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

Lead Age15 Transgender Female to Male Eliza/Elliot

Currently transitioning. Is unsure of who she is. Mixing between female and male styles and clothing. She comes from a military family with quite a strict father. Throughout the film she will explore her identity more and come to terms with who she is as she becomes Elliot. People at school are aware of her transitioning and it is having a mixed impact on her peers. She explores with little aspect of her male persona and tries to make her dad understand her better.

Anyone, aged 18 to 22

Applications closed 17 January 2020.

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