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Seeking a Producer for a New Theatre Production

Seeking a Producer for a New Theatre Production

New South Wales, Australia
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View from the Shadows

Three act play. Genre: Drama - a play about memories and recollection

KATHERINE LOUISE MAYO was a key figure in the world of medical research, revolutionary and controversial. She championed many causes, new technologies working tirelessly to help those who were could be helped by new approaches in medical intervention.

JAMES FISHER a journalist, is fascinated with the person that lay behind the legend. What caused her to withdraw from public life? He develops an obsession, investigating her background, reading everything he can that has been written about her. He is determined to write her definitive biography.

He comes now to the vineyard where she spent her latter years . Here he meets JOANNA FURTH. Joanna was more than the sister of Katherine's last husband. She was her close friend, her confidant and guardian of the legacy she left.

We begin with Fisher talking to Joanna. He is rather a colourless person. He has let journalism be his contact with the world. In a sense he has become a celebrity observer. He has been writing to Joanna for years. Sometimes she has responded, but the contact has been obviously on the surface and that is the way she has kept it.

At first Joanna appears co-operative. She describes her first meeting with Katherine at the time when her brother was killed in a car accident. Through her eyes we re-visit the memory and follow the first faltering steps towards friendship.

One night Joanna finds Katherine staring into space. Katherine explains her memory is playing tricks on her. Her mind wanders and she is finding it hard to keep track of conversations.

Fisher begins to suspect some of what he has been told. There are inconsistencies. Who was the nurse who was supposed to have looked after her? He sets out to sought out the threads of the story and is determined to make sense of the entire story.

So what are we looking for? Well to get it read for one and then explore avenues for its production.

Theatre companies wanted to read and produce this play.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

We would love to see the play produced locally, but we are open minded about this. Overseas interest is invited and encouraged. Suggestions and robust discussions are also welcomed.

Job payment

Payment TBC - Negotiable


Someone who can line up a venue/theatre, is willing to read the play and put a package together to make it happen.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

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Listing created: 14 July 2020
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