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Voice Actors Wanted For Comedy Animation Pilot

Voice Actors Wanted For Comedy Animation Pilot

Job can be done from home worldwide
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Voiceover & Radio
Shortlisting is underway now.Shortlisting is underway now. We recommend applying as soon as possible.
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We're currently producing a concept pilot for a Netflix pitch, (show is not yet greenlit) for a new adult animated comedy where a middle-aged gentleman is married to a cockney woman with no manners. With their two teenage adopted kids they travel in time for fun, while two mystical omnipotent supermarket employees plan to steal the time machine to turn Earth into a living hell.

If you have access to professional sound recording equipment at home then we can work with you remotely. We'll need to know exactly what equipment you're using.

If not then you would have to visit our studio in Gillingham in Kent. Please note that we're unable to cover expenses.

Just to acknowledge that because the concept pilot is self-funded the pay is extremely low for this type of work.

In the event the series is commissioned, fees will be negotiable and will fall in line with industry standard animation voiceover fees.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Flexible - Mid October to Mid November

Job payment

£10 per hour - Worldwide buyout £5,000 if episode is broadcast - If series is greenlit fees will be negotiable

Anne (cockney female lead)

Anne is large, simple minded, takes actions without thinking and has zero manners. We’re looking for a authentic cockney, aged between 45 – 60. Think female cockney version of Homer Simpson. To apply please send an mp3 recording of the following lines. (with mouth full) You alright love? You look a little pale. (normal) He's just going through his 'your actions caused mass genocide' phase, he'll be OK (drunk) We've already seen more death than our last game of serial killer bingo

Female, aged 18 to 25

  • Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles
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Nubia - Supporting Role

Nubia is a typical moody teenager, often the voice of reason and resentful. The playing age is 15, although we're looking to work with older actors. We’re looking for a middle Eastern, female, with a US accent (happy to consider any region). To apply please send an mp3 of the following lines. (revengefully) I'll show that Scottish witch, here's my sordid fantasy, I travel in time, b*tch. (inquisitive) Don't you find it strange that the whole town is destroyed and this shop is untouched?

Female, aged 18 to 25

  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
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Ben (supporting role)

Ben was adopted at a young age. He's inquisitive, hormonally unbalanced, geeky and weird. We’re looking for a black VO artist, who can do a perfect US or African accent. Happy to consider females who can put on a teenage boy voice too. Although we're working with older VO actors, the playing age is 13. Please send us an mp3 of the following line. 'It says here that World War Three happened ten years ago. Billions wiped out, famine, disease, nuclear winter, yada, yada, yada.'

Anyone, aged 18 to 25

  • Ethnicity: Black / African descent
  • Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles
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Listing created: 25 September 2020
Applications close: 25 October 2020
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