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Summer Camp English Tutors in Italy Wanted!

Summer Camp English Tutors in Italy Wanted!

Italy. Apply worldwide.
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Lingue Senza Frontiere Srl is an Italian company that teaches English through Theatre In Education (T.I.E.) and organises English Summer Camps throughout Italy from early June to September. Our team has been working with hundreds of schools and thousands of participants over the years.

Our summer camps generally run for two weeks each.

How many weeks you do depends on both your availability and on the
number of camps that we can offer.

Once arrived in Italy, you will follow a Training lasting 1 week in a
beautiful resort setting by the sea. This Training is a professional
educational update for teachers which enable them both to grow up
under a professional point of view and at the same time to learn our
educational programme, as well as the style and the philosophy of our
Company and of the Italian culture.

That's why the Training is held by professional Trainers who have
previously worked in our Company for a long time.

After the Training, at the end of the week, the Tutor will receive the
communication of his/her Summer Camp destination and will go directly
to the Summer Camp location.

Our Summer Camps are held in Italian primary and middle schools, they
usually run from 8h30/9h00am to 4/4h30pm.

The children are aged 6 – 14. Each tutor has his/her own class of
12/15 children of a similar age group.

Our approach to language teaching is to use as many games, songs and
activities as possible. The focus of teaching is on cultivating
enthusiasm for the English language, sharing culture and above all
making sure the students have fun.

Job compensation

€ 450 per each 2 week summer camp

Summer Camp Tutor

Knowledge of Italian is not required but can be useful. TEFL
certification is not obligatory as long as you have experience working
with children and are eager to learn some new skills.
You will have no expenses to pay once you arrive here (food and
lodgings are always included) except for your personal expenses.
Please note that all applicants must be native English speakers and
hold a current valid EU passport to work with LSF. Training is unpaid but food and acc. provided.

Any gender, aged 18 and over from any country

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About the advertiser
  • Located in Italy
  • Joined November, 2017
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Listing created: 7 November 2017
Applications close: 31 May 2018
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