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4 Actors Required to Film in Melbourne CBD for Romantic Italian Short

4 Actors Required to Film in Melbourne CBD for Romantic Italian Short

Victoria, Australia
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An old woman and a young man are standing out the front of a restaurant that has just been closed for the night. This is the last night of work for the young man before he heads off over seas and has a train to catch in only a few hours and is running a little late because he wanted to help out the old lady as much as he could before he left her to go traveling.
The old woman thanks the kind young man for his years of help and gifts him some money.
The man is reluctant to take the money but the older woman insists.
She reaches over and takes the passport out of his top jacket pocket and places the money between the folds of the pages and places it back and pats his chest lovingly. They say their goodbyes and the young man hops on his bike and rides away into the night.
The young man is riding besides the riverbanks of the city with haste when the chain on his bike comes off. So he pulls over to the side of the road to fix it.
The young man reaches into the same top jacket pocket and takes the passport out and places it in his side pocket and then digs a little further into his pocket to pull out a tissue.
He uses the tissue to lift the chain back into place and then climbs back onto the bike and rides away.
Now that he is riding again he checks the watch and notices that he is running very late and begins to peddle faster.
Due to the force of peddling faster the bike chain comes off again and he is forced to the side of the road to fix it. Unfortunately he must have lost the tissue he used to fix the chain the previous time and becomes very distressed and ends up using his hands which become covered in grease.
Whilst looking around for something or somewhere to wipe his hands his attention it drawn by the cry of a woman.
Following the sound he sees a bridge in the near distance where a woman is being aggressively harassed by a man.
The young mans instincts force him to forget his personal urgency and rescue to this distressed woman. He throws his bike to the side of the road and runs over to the bridge.
On arrival he runs up behind the man who is pulling on the woman’s dress and swearing at her and calling her horrible names. In attempt to pull him off her while saying “what do you think you’re doing”, the other turns around extending his arm and punching the young man in the face.
Being completely unprepared for this the young man falls to the ground knocked unconscious.
As the other man turns back in rage to the woman a quick burst from a police siren echoes across the street. The other man thinks that the police might have seen some of what he had just done and fleas the scene leaving the woman and the unconscious young man on the bridge alone together. Unknown to the other man the police siren was completely random and no one was coming to help the young unconscious man and woman. The woman turns to the young man and extends her hand to help him up while asking if he is alright. As the young man wakes up he stares back at the beautiful woman and is in love at first sight. The young man and the woman then walk off into the darkness staring into each other eyes charmed with love. The final shot is of the passport that had fallen out of the side pocket of the young mans jacket in the foreground and the young lovers walking of into the distance.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Not strict dates set as yet. It really comes down to finding the right cast. The film is in Italian so actors need to have a convincing accent as well as an Italian look.

Job payment

This job is unpaid

Main character

European, be able to speak with a convincing Italian accent. Be able to ride a bike

Male, aged 23 to 27

Applications closed 1 September 2019.

European look, itialan accent.

An althentic Italian Nona preferred. The film is spoken in itiallian so must be able to pull of the accent. Stereotype, short and stout, warm and kind but blunt and strong.

Female, aged 48 to 60

Applications closed 1 September 2019.

Large European man. About 5’10”

This character has a temper and needs to be strong overbearing. The film is all in Italian so need to be able to pull off the accent and swear in a vile manner.

Male, aged 32 to 39

Applications closed 1 September 2019.

Itiallian beauty

Love at first sight. Dark tanned skin, long dark hair. Kind and gentle. The film is spoken in Italian so need to be able to pull off the accent.

Male, aged 22 to 35

Applications closed 1 September 2019.

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