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Actors Needed for Action/Drama Indie Low Budget Feature Film (Sydney)

Actors Needed for Action/Drama Indie Low Budget Feature Film (Sydney)

New South Wales, Australia
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We are seeking passionate and dedicated actors to join our indie feature film production. We have a talented team who’ve worked together on a number of short-films, but the time has finally come for us to step our game up to tell a bigger story with a full-scale feature.

The movie, titled "Fallen Kings", is about a young gang leader who upon falling in love, decides to abandon his destructive and criminal lifestyle, but he soon becomes caught up in a struggle to survive. It’s a drama film with some action and a love story at the forefront.

We’re a young group filmmakers and actors who have finally had enough of waiting for the phone to ring, so we’re biting the bullet and going out to make our own feature film. And we’re keen to find people with the same goals and drive.

This film is unfortunately totally self funded and low budget, we're not interested in waiting forever for funding approval or crowdfunding so we're just gonna make it with whatever we have. But our approach is highly collaborative, we like to work together with actors to create deep and tangible characters that carry substance and life. We place great emphasis on performance and on cinematography quality and so forth, and want to make something everybody involved can be proud of. We don’t like doing things that have been done before and our approach is a little experimental but we always do our best to make it a fun time for everybody. We’ll also be supplying some of the wardrobe and in some cases shoes for lead characters etc.

We need committed actors. We want a fire team to make some fire work. Your skill is less important to us than your drive and your willingness to work with a passionate team. We want people who are serious about their work and are willing to give their time for it. If you’re flaky, super busy or just want to do this as a side thing, then please don't apply. If on the other hand you're tired of waiting for good and cool opportunities to fall out of the sky, then let's work together and lift each other up along the way.

As this is entirely self-funded and ultra-low budget, this project is currently unpaid, HOWEVER, all cast and crew will be provided with a deferred payment contract, which basically means that if the film does succeed financially at a later stage (it is sold or picked up by a distributor) then everyone on board will be paid their wages for their time working on this film. This is our absolute goal and plan. We will also count rehearsal hours as well but this does not include any travel money.

- Deferred payment contract. (MEAA performer’s rates)
- An IMDB credit on a FEATURE film.
- High res character photos for use in your portfolio and social media etc upon release and upon marketing of the film.
- High res footage from the final finished film for your acting reel. (But it must be shared as a private link while the film is in the festival circuit).
- Invite to the wrap party!
- Cast and crew screening on a projected screen. We’re aiming to get a big enough screen so everyone involved can hopefully invite friends and family also.
- We’ll be entering this film into a lot of film festivals (and hopefully get in).
We’re aiming for most of the top major 50 international festivals, including Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, New York, and so on and so forth.
- Be part of a standout cast and crew and hopefully we get to work together again in future. We're in this game for life.

Let’s do this.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Self-tapes deadline: 25 March 2019
Rehearsals: April to May 20019 (Only 3 to 5 days needed)
Shooting: May to August 2019 (Over weekends mostly / day and night shoots)

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

TARIQ (Rival Gang Leader)

The young leader of a criminal outfit. He stays sharp and well dressed in his own unique way, well groomed, a man of taste. Keeps his crew of soldiers in total check. Keeps his friends close and enemies closer. He is profoundly warm and charismatic, but could flip and become cold in an instant. A social chameleon, loveable one minute, psychotic the next. Also smokes quite a bit. Foreign language speaker / foreign accent preffered. All ethnicities considered

Male, aged 25 to 45

Applications closed 16 December 2019.

LISA WARD (Girlfriend / Lead Female)

Young, charming, intelligent, playful. A witty sense of humour. A friend to everyone. The girl that anyone and everyone can talk comfortably with about almost anything. She isn't down to be the side chick though, she knows her worth and can't stand fake s-. She is loyal and spends most of her time with "The crew", they give her a sense of family and love that she doesn't really find elsewhere. She loves them deeply. She's fiercely passionate and only desires that same love in return.

Female, aged 18 to 28

Applications closed 16 December 2019.

IVAN (Rival Gang Enforcer)

The muscle. Second in command. The man that finishes the job. The man every other crew fears. His presence is enough to make your knees weak. All ethnicities considered.

Male, aged 25 to 45

Applications closed 16 December 2019.


All ethnicities considered She's lived a young life but a tough life nonetheless. She's got a bit of a chip on her shoulder, not afraid to voice her opinion, doesn't take s-, can get emotional. Often gets caught up with trivial things, she's a bit like a lost puppy, chasing cars and fun things that take her attention. Loves to spend time with friends, more interested in having fun than anything else really.

Female, aged 18 to 22

Applications closed 16 December 2019.


All ethnicites considered The young protege. Timid, and a tiny bit naive. He's lived some traumatic experiences and is searching for family, family which he ultimately finds in a street gang. Easily influenced but at the same time is just trying to set up his own life, his own way. He doesn't say much unless he knows you well. Always watching and studying those around him, always playing catch up, he's still finding and shaping his view of what is a crazy world.

Male, aged 18 to 22

Applications closed 16 December 2019.


All ethnicites considered Loud and real cheeky. He does what he wants, when he wants. Says what's on his mind with little consideration for the feeling of others. Manipulative, knows what to whisper in your ear to get you to do things for him. A bit of a loose canon, a non stop ball of energy. He secretly thrives on seeing others lose and fail. He on the other hand loves to win, loves being praised, but doesn't like waiting for what he wants.

Male, aged 18 to 30

Applications closed 16 December 2019.


All ethnicities considered He's an aging man on the worn and beaten path. Life has dealt him a rough hand. He's taking it a day at a time after suffering great loss in his life, and feels guilty for it every single day. He commits himself to a world of isolation and exile. This seclusion has not stripped him of his humour or wit however. Despite his beliefs that he has no value left to give to others, he still has more than a few pearls of wisdom to share.

Male, aged 35 to 60

Applications closed 16 December 2019.


All ethnicites considered A young streetwise kid. Hands with all the other local kids. Rides bikes, climbs trees, highly adventurous and addicted to danger. Always moving, never still, highly observant. Knows almost every other kid / young person in the block by name. Always in trouble, always gives puppy eyes and a cheeky smile to get out of it.

Male, aged 18 to 19

Applications closed 16 December 2019.

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