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Brighton, United Kingdom
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Intro to Camera

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Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
89 kg / 195 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
106 cm / 42 in
Dress size:
UK 16 / AUS 16 / US 12
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Love Possibly : Garden Party Guest
  • Three acts substantial films Rupert Rupert Rupert : Resturant guest and weirdly dressed at bbq
  • Primecut : Guest at a club
  • The Watchman ,99 production : Church member
  • Ken and Albi The Awake : Guest


Acting experience


  • English

  • UK English

From 2015 onwards.........
1.Film extra close up shots 2.The Watchman Nollywood Films with credit on imdb . 3.Party scene with photo shots Part in scenes /walk on . 4.Drinks Advertisedment for bill boards etc . 5.Partygoer for Prime Cut and credited with IMDB. 6.Extra for an awake. speaking part walk ons . IMDB. Ken&Alibi . 7.purple port shoots with acting out included- 8. Mac Fashion Photography /Six Models . 9.Test shoot for modelling agency- 10.Celebrity storage hunters special- 11.Walk on in a resturant and weirdly dressed at a bbq- Photos also taken with Substanual Films credits IMDB with this film is called Three Acts- 12.Extra in music video- Brighton group Birdeatsbaby...song title Mary on utube - 13.Combat training day in Cardiff with Ignite preformance acadmy- 14.Bollywood film extra. 15.Acting in themed modelling events with models and actors......16. Video/shoot in a Zombie film for a Rock Band . Acting part as a Zombie attacking someone .17.Acting out scenarios in video with modelling and putting a story and film together.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

From 2015 onwards...
1. Varity extra work as walk ons ,speaking small parts . 2.group modelling/acting taking part in themed events ......3. Garden party guest credit on imdb Love Possibly . 4.Guests at a Zombie wedding for a Rock band. 5.Extras in a vampire music video. 6. Extra in Nollywood and Bollywood films. Background extra . Silent studios Production .The house that Zombies built directed by Jason Wright .


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

PHOTO SHOOTS in 2015- 2016 and 2017
Head shots / Full length (Studio) with Terry May - On location West Sussex Coast, Jon Webb- Mac Fashion Photography / Six Models Test Shoot. Boudoir/glam and Gatsby style by Anne Ameida- Anderson www.positive-impressphoto.com- Beach wear/ bikini and swimsuits in Brighton with Bilal Saraf-Some of my own photography .-Pauls Pic Photography , Location river and beach- Ray Poulden Home Studio -Alan Horten Home Studio mixture Art / Noir / Classics /Vintage. 2fotographic 1920s around Arundel-Celebrating Natural Beauty,No makeup shoot with Natalie Francis at UCA Epsom -.Susan Grace Hinman Retro/ Vintage Home Studio Hive -Film Noir with Alan Horten Home studio Epsom - ProHead shots with Alexandra Gofton(AllyB) Chichester- Hands shoot and vintage on the bandstand Brighton Johnalan- Body paint Gatsby dress by Neonie la Essex - Patrick Hickey Bham doing look alikes (Mae West & Louise Brooks-.On the buses shoot /acting in East Grinstead a group bus event/ gino cinganelli-Bluebell and smoke effects ,one image has been made into a poster Renouf Designs New Forest Woods -Classic boudoir by Adrian Dawes Boutique Hotel . Hollywood/glamourous looks by David Taylor Studio plus Beach shoot-.Shoot with Adam Regan (Artist) -Retro shoot Steve Goldsmith Studio Gosport -Bexhil Ian_Standivan Fashion .-Group shoot with Gino Cinganelli Punk Rockers in East Grinstead- Night shoot Spooky Medival ghost theme /cat woman in the spooky woods in Arundel west Sussex. highdown gardens vintage themes both with Steve Flynn Media.... SHOOTS 2018
Fuerteventura with Steve goldsmith Location / Fashion .-Arundel Folly with Steve Fylnn Media .Beast from the East snow theme -Themed Bluebell shoot Steve Flynn Media in the Woods. - GGDP Photography location shoot St Albans-Ray Paulden group shoot ×3 female models /Brighton -Group shoot based on tv film On the buses shooting at Brooklands museum 1960/70fashions by Gino Cinganelli- Dresses and Boudoir with GGDP Photography-Raymond1 on pp theme Steampunk and Vintage 1940s and 1920/30s - GGDP_Photography_Imaging Halloween vintage and Retro pinup style dresses..-DEC 2018 I got into NMB Magazine with one my images by Susan Grace Hinman.
SHOOTS 2019 Febuary... Location St Albans Winter coats Fashion with Ggdp_photography_imaging. Winter coat/hats/scarves by peir /coast taken by Steve Flynn Media. March shoot with Ggdp_photography_imaging ,5 sets of Cosplay /Themed /studio .April shoot Hats/ wigs /dresses 2 photographers both brothers ,helping them out with lighting Timmee and Chris Wheeler.May, shoot with Steve Goldsmith weekend in Reading shoot covering 2 days mixed themes. Image in Hampshire life Magizine September 2019 of myself and my daughter. She wrote and article on a trip to Jersey uk.Nov2019Group theme shoot a decade of 70s disco at Rochester Studio by Gino Cinganelli. Oct 2019 image for an indie ebook by Bryan Follins.thejokeressliveshere on instagram.Dec2019 Building up levels to professional and taking on challenges beyond and showing my capability to capture and work well with camera.Using Acting and Modelling together through video. And showing hiw to change into different characters by just changing wigs. Shooting with Ray Paulden. 2 more ebook covers to end 2019 By thejokeressliveshere ,writerBryan Follins . JAN 2020 Fashion shoot with Timmee and Chris Wheeler. FEB 2020 working on different levels and new themes and projects for future,creating for own book. Shoot with Ray Paulden FEB 2020 Location shoot around Rochester Kent with AWDSLR. MARCH 2020 Studio shoot with Steve Goldsmith.OCTOBER 2020 Night shoot Halloween in Arundel.Ghostly Witch.OCTOBER Shoot 2020 with Ray Barnes mix of themes Greek ,Viking,Cabaret,classic fashion ,Halloween ghost. Oct 2020 Ghosts in Arundel with Steve Flynn media . SHOOTS 2021 Location social distancing, night shoot around Old Portsmouth street photography in the era of the 1940s with Steve Goldsmith April,Studio & location shoot with Steve Goldsmith. June Studio shoot, Fareham studio with myself another male model with photographer Steve Goldsmith. Several Cosplay sets with roleplay.well equipt studio with themed rooms.

TV & Reality

Bang on the money on 22-3-16 maidstone studios . Audience applause.Also goes on peter andre 60 min make over. Storage hunters on a tv celeb charity special in Lewes East Sussex 2016


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Disco
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa

In front of audiences Ballet, Modern and Tap dancing /mime up to teenage age. Latin and some Ballroom dance /Polynesian dance classes in the past. Disco on going,Love dancing . Will give any form of dancing ago.

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Fashion Styling ability


Makeup Artist ability


Doing my own styles and make up. I'm very good at putting outfits together as you can see in some of my images . I have had some shoots where make up has been applied for me. Interested in sitting for MUA as helps to learn how to apply makeup.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

Taken images of myself / grand children /family/friends /locations /landscapes.Self taught photo editor.


  • English

  • UK English


I work as a Support Worker with Mental Health Reabilitation and i do have a DBS. I have experience with food prep and catering and cooking with in big establishments and events.
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