Louis Holder

Louis Holder

London, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

Very polite, very helpful,Very young with great smile, and many more Talents.

Recommended for Filmmaker Aug 29, 2021

Louis was really easy to work with, he collated a great scope for works and I would recommend working with him.

Recommended for Casting Aug 12, 2021

Excellent communication, very friendly and encouraging….I would love to work with him again if the opportunity arose. Great experience

Recommended for Filmmaker Jul 4, 2021

Louis was amazing to work with. He was friendly and helpful. Quick to reply and he was very clear on what he wanted. I had a bad cold when I recorded my voice over for him and he was so supportive and considerate to my !dditional needs at the time. I would 100% work with him again and recommend that you jump at any opportunity to work with him.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 30, 2021

Louis gave very clear directions when casting for voice actors . He has an interesting and innovative vision behind his latest documentary 'Cinema Now' Courteous and quick to communicate

Recommended for Filmmaker May 29, 2021

Louis is excellent to work with. He is very professional.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 27, 2021

Louis was a pleasure to work with. A very professional and approachable director. I provided some VO for a documentary Louis was making, and the whole process was a joy. I would jump at the chance to work with Louis again.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 27, 2021

Louis is a very supportive friendly casting director and filmmaker who communicates with everyone in a most pleasant manner. I highly recommend him to anyone else applying to work with him.

Recommended for Casting May 27, 2021

Louis is a very professional & friendly person, who's really easy to work with. I have no doubts about recommending him to any actors or film makers out there.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 27, 2021

Louis gave me a really clear brief of his project and he trusts his actors to deliver very patient and extremely professional A real joy to work with and puts actors at there ease. Would highly recommend apply for his projects if you have a professional and committed work ethic.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 21, 2021

Quick to respond, made it easy to work with him.

Recommended for Casting May 17, 2021

Louis was great to work with, the whole crew were very professional and felt at ease with everyone. I wish everyone luck with the project.

Recommended for Production Management May 11, 2018

Louis Holder (Producer); Molly Bradbrook, (Casting director) and Mario A. L. (Director) where very professional and great to work with.

Recommended for Production Management Apr 26, 2018

Great profile well driven....

Recommended for Acting Dec 7, 2017

What u got for me Lou? ??

Recommended for Acting Aug 22, 2017

Great work Louis.....your someone I would go to for advice.

Recommended for Photography Aug 14, 2017

WOW Louis! . . he has an absolutely fantastic show reel . . .Thank you for sharing! Best wishes for your Very Promising Future , fellow Creative Artist . . . Louis desearves hs Continued Success , hard working and passionate about doing his best, Highly Reccomended !

Recommended for Photography Jul 18, 2017

Fantastic work! Would be great to see your work.

Recommended for Photography May 31, 2017

Great profile mate

Recommended for Photography May 28, 2017

Your photos are good, hope we will do some photo shoot in future.

Recommended for Photography May 26, 2017