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Oxford, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

176 cm / 5ft 9in
78 kg / 171 lbs
White / Caucasian
94 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
75 cm / 30 in
101 cm / 40 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • TV (Crime Drama): Silent Witness, Series 23. BBC : Role: AAIB (Air Accidents Investigations Branch).
  • TV (Drama): Holby City. Series XX1. Episodes 35 & 36. BBC. : Role: (Featured) SNOD Nurse. Director: David Innes-Edwards. Producer: Amy Rodriguez.
  • TV (Film): Dream Horse. Film 4. Prod: RAW. : Role: Bookie. Director: Euros Lyn. Producers: Katherine Butler, Tracy O’Riordan.
  • TV (Drama): Call the Midwife. CTM 9 Productions Ltd. : Role: (Featured) Lady giving birth. Mother. Regular local character . Director: Sidney Macartney. Producer: Annie Tricklebank .
  • TV (Drama): Midsomer Murders XXI, 'With waited Breath'. Prod: Bentley Productions : Role: (Featured) Professional Mud Runner. Director: Jennie Darnell. Producer: Guy Hescott.
  • TV (Thriller): The Capture. Prod: BBC : Role: CID. Director: Ben Chanan
  • Music Video: The Fizz 'Don't start without me'. Prod: Squire. : Role (Featured): Train Passenger. Dir: Steve Glashier. Prod: Rosie Sorrell.
  • TV (Drama): Holby City. Series 21, Ep 7 & 6. BBC. : Role (Featured): Cafe Barista.
  • TV (Drama): Killing Eve 2. Block 3, Ep 5 & 6. Sid Gentle Films Ltd. : Role: Passerby. Dir: Francesca Gregorini. Producer: Morenike Williams.
  • TV (Drama): Endeavour VI. Mammoth Screen. : Role: Don, Dir: Johnny Kenton, Producer: Deanne Cunningham.
  • TV (Drama): Grantchester 4. Episodes 5 &6, Kudos Ltd. : Role: Parishoner/ shopper, Dir: Rob Evans. Producer: Richard Cookson.
  • TV (Drama): Eastenders. Episodes 5772 50/DRA E654A. BBC. : Role: Forensics.
  • TV (Comedy): Turn up Charlie. Green Eyed Boy Ltd. : Role: Party guest.
  • TV (Crime): Unforgotten 3. Main street Productions. : Acting Role and Stand-in: Secretary. Dir: Andy Wilson. Producer: Guy de Glanville.
  • TV (Comedy). Cuckoo. Roughcut Television. : Role: Political Party sponsor.
  • TV (Comedy). Flack. Hat Trick Ltd : Role: Awards guest. Dir: Peter Cattaneo
  • TV: Call the Midwife. CTM8 Productions Ltd. (Neal St Productions) : Role: Resident.
  • TV (Drama): Manhunt. ITV Productions : Role: CID. Dir: Mark Evans. Producer: Philippa Braithwaite
  • TV (Film): Good Omens. BBC Comedy Productions LTD : Role: Car driver
  • TV (Film): Patrick Melrose. Ep.1. Little Island Productions : Role: Drake Hotel guest. Dir: Edward Berger. Producer: Stephen Smallwood
  • TV: Midsommer Murders. Send in the Clowns. Season 20. Ep 6 : Role: Circus audience. Dir: Nicholas Laughland
  • TV: Midsommer Murders. Till Death Do Us Part. Season 20. Ep 5 : Role: Featured Wedding Guest. Dir: Audrey Cooke
  • Film (Feature): Johnny English 3 : Role: A Londoner. Director: David Kerr
  • TV: East Enders. Ep: 5545 50/DRA E427F & 5548 50/DRA E430N : Role: Detective
  • TV: The Grand Tour : Role: Crowd
  • TV: Porters : Role: Doctor. Prod: Dancing Ledge
  • TV: Call the Midwife: Season 7 (2018) : Role: Featured as a regular resident, Patient, Customer, refugee...
  • TV: Endeavour. Season 5 (2018) : Role: Regular Don.
  • TV: Holby City. Ep 38 & 39 : Role: Doctor. Dir: Rick Platt and Baff Akoto
  • TV: Midsommer Murders. Season 20. Episode 1. The Ghost of Causton Abbey : Role: An official. Dir: Matt Carter
  • TV: Loaded : Role: Party guest. Dir: Michael G. Cooney
  • TV: Eastenders 2016-2017 (PAI-0297), Episodes 5297 -5300, 5344, 5417 & 5439 : Role (Featured): Hotel Manager
  • TV: Fearless : Role (Featured): Presenter/ TV crew. Dir: Pete Travis. Prod: Mammoth Screen (Fearless) Ltd
  • TV: Endeavour IV : Role: University Don. Prod: Mammoth Screen (End 4) Ltd.
  • TV: Midsomer Murders : Role: Small pet show visitor.
  • TV: Call the Midwife VI : Role: Nurse. Prod: CTM6 Productions Ltd
  • Film (Feature) Gorilla Productions : Role: Speed typist 1970's.
  • TV: Royals III. : Role: Privileged Photographer.
  • Film (Feature): Breathe. : Role: Garden Party Guest. Director: Andy Serkis
  • TV: Eastenders. Episodes 5297, 5298, 5299, 5300 : Role: Salsa dancer. Director: Laurence Wilson. Prod. BBC
  • TV: Midsomer Murders "Crime and Punishment" : Role: featured cafe visitor
  • TV Comedy (Pilot). Marvin can't fail : Role: Ikea shopper and diner at restaurant. Prod: Hat Trick Productions
  • Film (Feature). Bridget Jones Diary : Role: Friend of the mother (Hero)
  • Advert: Sainsbury's : Role: Family member at a dinner party
  • Advert: Curry's : Role: Office staff
  • Advert: Iceland : Role: Featured presenting plate of food
  • TV: Mr Selfridge : Role: Customer. Prod: ITV Mr Selfridge Ltd
  • TV (movie): Mindhorn : Role: Couple. Dir: Sean Foley. Prod: Mindhorn Productions Ltd
  • TV: Peep Show : Role: Cafe customer. Prod: Objective Productions
  • TV: Lewis (Series 9, Episode 1) : Role: Secretary, spoken part. Dir: David Drury. Producer: Chris Burt. Prod: ITV Lewis Ltd
  • TV: Undercover (Episode 2) : Role: Passer-by
  • TV (movie): Churchill's Secret : Role: parilmentary member. Dir: Charles Sturridge. Prod: Daybreak Pictures Ltd
  • TV: Boomers : Role: Smart hotel guest
  • Advert: Betaway : Role: Golf spectator
  • TV: Lewis IX (ITV) : Role: Pub punter. Prod: ITV Lewis Ltd
  • TV: Holby City. (Episodes 48 & 49). Team X, Green unit : Role: Patient. Dir: Nigel Douglas
  • TV: Endeavour (Series 3, Episode 2) : Role: Public. Dir: Brian Higgins. Prod. Mammoth Screen (End 3) Ltd
  • TV: Lewis IX (ITV) : Role: Party guest. Prod: ITV Lewis Ltd
  • TV: Siblings 2 : Role: Guest of the bride. Prod: BWARK
  • Advert: BT : Role: Special effects editor
  • Film (Feature). Mission Impossible 5 : Role: Commuter at train station. Dir: Christopher McQuarrie. Prod: High Command Productions Ltd
  • TV: River : Role: CID. Prod: Kudos (River) Ltd
  • TV: Code of a killer. (Episodes 1 & 2) : Role: Secretary. Dir: James Strong
  • TV: Holby City. (Episodes 14 & 15) : Role: Patient. Dir: John Hardwick
  • Film (Feature). The Honourable Rebel : Role: Hotel guest in Lyon, France. Dir: Mike Fraser. Prod: THR The Film Ltd
  • Film (Feature). Partners in crime : Role: A Nun. Prod: Endor Productions
  • Film (Feature). The ones below. : Role: Photo shoot to portray actress Deborah Findlay in her younger years. Mother of two children. Dir: David Farr. Tigerlily Films Cuba Pictures co production
  • TV (USA): Drunk History (Comedy central). : Role: Party guest of Samuel Pepys. Prod: Tiger Aspect
  • TV: Babylon (Ch4). (Episode 4) : Role: IPCC. Dir: Sally El Hosaini
  • TV: Drifters 2 (E4). (Series 2, Episodes 6 & 7) : Role: Passer by. Dir: Tom Marshal. Prod: Bwark
  • TV Film (USA): The Royals : Role: Acting as camera crew. Dir: Mark Schwahn
  • TV: Grantchester (ITV). (Series 1, Episode 3) : Role: Lady at garden tea party. Dir: Jill Robertson
  • TV: Holby City. (BBC) (Series 16, Episode 46) : Role: Guest and dancer at Charity ball
  • TV: Silent witness (BBC). (Series 18, Block 1 - "Sniper's nest) : Role: Family member of deceased. Dir: David Richards
  • TV: Babylon (Ch4). : Role: City worker. Director: Jon S. Baird. Prod: Night Jack Ltd
  • TV: New Tricks (ITV). (Series K, Episode 7) : Role: Pub Punter. Director: Brian Grant. Prod: Wall to Wall New Tricks Ltd
  • Advert: Voyages SNCF : Role: Lady. Director: Lucy Forbes. Creative Director: Frank Botbol. Prod: Hungry Man and Else Ideas
  • Film (Feature): Absolutely anything. : Role: Lady at Ascot. Director: Terry Jones
  • TV: Grantchester (ITV). (Series 1, Episode 1) : Role: City worker. Director: Harry Bradbeer. Prod: Lovely Day (Grantchester) Ltd.
  • TV: Critical (SKY). (Series 1, episode 3) : Role: Senior consultant anaesthetist. Dir: Jon East. Prod: Hat Trick
  • TV: Holby City. (BBC) (Series 16, Episode 32) : Role: Patient. Prod. BBC
  • TV: Endeavour II. (Film 4 - Neverland). Series 2. : Role: Barmaid. Dir: Geoff Sax. Prod: Mammoth Screen
  • TV: Law and Order UK. ITV : Role: Family member attending court. Prod. Kudos
  • TV: W1A. (BBC 1). (Series 1, Episode 2) : Role: Helen Producer. Dir: John Morton. Prod: BBC.
  • TV: Birds of a feather : Role: Journalist. Dir: Dez McCarthy. Prod: Retort production
  • TV: Endeavour II. (Film 4) : Role: Museum visitor. Dir: Giuseppe Capotondi. Prod: Mammouth screen.
  • TV: Call the midwife (BBC 1). (Series: 3, Episodes: 5 & 6) : Role: Pub punter. Dir: China Moo-Young. Prod: Neal Street Productions
  • TV Pilot (BBC): Grey mates : Role: Couple. Prod. Hat Trick Productions
  • TV: Holby City (BBC1) (Series 16 Episodes: 11&12) : : Role: AAU Patient. Dir: Jon Sen. Prod: BBC
  • TV Film: Lucan (ITV) : Role: Jury. Dir: Adrian Shergold. Prod: ITV Lucan Ltd
  • TV: Eastenders (BBC 1) : Role: Halloween party guest. Prod. BBC
  • TV (BBC1): Silk 3 : Role: Lawyer, Prod. BBC
  • TV film (USA) Good people : Role: CID. Dir. Henrik Ruben Genz. Prod: Good people Ltd.
  • TV: Drifters (Channel 4) : Role: Shopper. Prod. BWARK
  • TV: Call the midwife III (BBC) : Role: WRVS (womens reserve voluntary service). Prod. CTM Productions
  • TV: Eastenders (BBC 1) : Role: Posh lady. Prod: BBC
  • TV: Quickcuts. Role: Customer : Actress. Role: Customer. Dir: Catherine Bailey. Prod. ITV
  • TV Film: The Wrong Mans. (BBC 1). (Episode 1. Series 5 & 6) : Role: MI5. Special skills: Fire Arms. Dir: Jim Field Smith. Prod: BBC
  • Film (Feature): Plastic : Role: Airline passenger. Dir: Julian Gilbey. Prod: Plastic the movie
  • TV: Law and Order UK (ITV) : Role: CID. Prod. Kudos
  • TV: Holby city (BBC) (series 15) : Role: Visitor. Prod: BBC
  • TV: Law and Order UK (ITV) : Role: CID. Prod. Kudos
  • TV: Luther (BBC) : Role: Smart customer. Prod. BBC
  • TV: Starlings II. (Sky 1) : Role: Doctor. Prod. Baby Cow Productions
  • TV: Yes prime minister (BBC) : Role: Journalist. Prod. BBC
  • Film (Feature): RED 2. : Role: Parisian Cafe Patron. Dir: Dean Parisot. Prod: R2 Productions
  • TV: Way to go (BBC 3) : Role: Posh Diner. Prod: BBC
  • TV: Holby city (BBC) (series 15) : Role: Visitor. Prod: BBC
  • Film (Feature): The Counselor : Role: Passer by. Dir: Ridley Scott. Prod. Counselor Productions Ltd.
  • TV Film: Restless. (BBC 1) : Role: The good and the great. Dir: Edward Hall. Prod: Romer Films Ltd.
  • TV: Lewis VII. (ITV) : Role: Customer, Prod: ITV Studios Ltd
  • TV: Call the midwife (BBC) : Role: Period character (mother with 8 week old baby). Prod: Neal Street
  • Film (Feature): Singularity. : Role: Traveller in the future. Dir: Roland JofféProd: Wild Kite Ltd.
  • TV: Mr Selfridges (ITV) : Actress. Role: Customer.
  • TV Presenter : TV Bedfordshire. Love Luton Festival, Interview of live bands, Carnival and Para-olympic flame
  • Music video, UK A & R LTD : A.D.
  • Documentary on the Lord Mayor of Oxford : Filmmaker
  • Film (16mm short) Title: Undisclosed. : Actress. Dir: Adriana Calvo
  • Film (Feature): Batman Begins. Warner Bros. : Art Department Assistant. Dir: Christopher Nolan. Prod: Warner Brothers
  • Double Agent. 35mm, 17minute short. Director: Rudolf Buitendach : Continuity
  • Show-reel. The Italia Conti Academy : Continuity
  • Smoke yourself thin. 16mm short. Director: Lee Chambers : Shadow Director
  • AFTS Australia : Production Assistant
  • Xena the warrior princess : Stand-in to leading actress (all episodes from series 5 to 6)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English
  • UK Posh

Union memberships
  • Equity

I was a professional stand-in to the leading actress, Lucy Lawless, on Xena the warrior princess for over the period of one year. I have acted for co-operate web-site videos. Short films made on 16mm and 35mm film, as well as featured parts in TV series and working as a presenter for local events.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have modeled for catalogues, yoga and holistic exercise workshop promotional posters and leaflets.

TV & Reality

I have worked as a presenter for TV Bedfordshire where I presented the Love Luton Music Festival. The Luton carnival and the arrival of the Para-Olympic flame coinciding with the opening of the new Olympic swimming pool and sports centre with a wonderful diving display.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Bellydance
  • Disco
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Latin American
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Tango

I regularly go to Swing, Salsa and Tango classes and events. I did also do a belly dancing course.

Film & Stage Crew

I have worked in the Art Department of the feature film Batman Begins. I have also worked as crew for smaller productions as floor runner, props, continuity, assistant to the camera crew, 3rd A.D. as well as working within the Production office.


  • English

  • UK English
  • UK Posh

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