Lyndsey Turnbull

Film Student, Film producer / Manager, Runner / Assistant, Sound Crew Member, Editor / Post Production Staffer,… more

ACT, Australia
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Credits & experience

  • 'Blacklight' Liam Neeson feature film : Production Assistant
  • 'Sofia & Mark' short horror film for the University of Canberra : Producer/ 1st AD
  • 'Will You...?' Lights Canberra Action submission (ranked 13th) : Producer/ Director/ Co-writer
  • 'Lost and Found' short film for the University of Canberra- Won Best Editing : Producer/ 1st AD/ Editor
  • 'TEXTPECTED' short film for University of Canberra : Sound Recordist
  • 'D-Grade Delivery' Gamma-con Best Film and Best student short film winner : Co-producer/ 1st AD/ Assistant Editor
  • 'Unsexual Tension' short film- accepted into Sydney Lift Off Film Festival : Sound Recordist/ Designer/ Mixer
  • 'This Sucks, Man' drama short film for University of Canberra : Producer/ Director/ Co-writer
  • 'Next' short film for University of Canberra : 1st AD/ Editor

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During my film production studies at the University of Canberra, I've worked on a total of eight projects and counting. I've gained significant experience working on a film set, with a large and small crew, to execute our short film goal efficiently, and to a high quality. This is seem through the awards my projects have won, like 'D- Grade Delivery', which won Best Film and Best Student Film at GAMMA.CON's Blue Shift film festival in 2019. Over these projects, I have specialised in producing, directing and 1st assistant directing, as I managed the schedule, finances and other head departments in each short film.

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