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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
52 kg / 114 lbs
White / Caucasian
81 cm / 32 in
Skin color:
63 cm / 25 in
83 cm / 33 in
Dress size:
UK 6 / AUS 6 / US 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Hughes Covid Testing Kit Advertisement : Office Worker
  • Deansgate Square Promotional Video : Role of friend
  • Easy Life Hosepipe Advert : Homeowner
  • Medical Corporate : Nurse
  • NextBase : Role of Mum for Social Media Advert
  • : Role of caring mum for social media ads
  • Rynos Promotional Video : Role of Atendee
  • Sky Finger : Penny Money in Musical
  • : Role of Lettings Agent in Corporate Film and Stills
  • Fulfilment Crowd : Role of Alex Shepherd
  • Tosca : Chorus
  • Suor Angelica : Chorus
  • Police Now Interview Training : Suspect Louise Wilson
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours of Glen Campbell : Kim Campbell
  • The Pilot : Alex
  • Exploited and Betrayed : Susanne
  • Cavalleria Rusticana : Lola
  • 'DWP And Me' Short Film : Role of Stella
  • Dear Brutus : Role of Joanna Trout in play
  • Leigh Rugby Awards Dinner : Marion Bowman
  • Wham Groove Comeback Tour : Jessica Valentine in Murder Mystery
  • Rock and Roll : Role of Band Manager in Short Film
  • Murder Mia : Role of Chiquitita
  • The Merry Widow : Lolo
  • Hush Hush : Role of Jess
  • Dead Before Dinner : Role of Emma Sheridan
  • No Offence : Nadine
  • Liverpool Urban Hair Show : Presenter
  • The Plonkers : Role of Sheesa in Television Pilot
  • Le Grand Club Des Voyeurs : Lead Female Voiceover
  • Now That Sounds Apeeling : Role of Jayne
  • Glowstone Corporate Video : Role of Mug User
  • Breaking Bad News Role Play : Asthma Patient
  • Absolutely Fabulous, Comedy Dining : Role of Patsy
  • Spar's 60th Anniversary : Various Roles from Different Decades
  • LG video for UNILAD : role of fan
  • Mortgage Key Corporate Video : Lucy
  • Eazi-Rider Marketing Video and Stills : Urban Cyclist
  • CDK Global Commercial : Customer
  • Liverpool Fashion Night Out : Presenter
  • Pegasus Estate Agency Commercial : Margaret
  • Little Allstars Drama School : Drama teacher
  • Skoda Kodiaq Launch : Presenter
  • Alone Together by Red Rum Club : Lead Female
  • Radisson Hotel Promotional Video : Hotel Guest 1
  • Music video 'Aamret' by Arra Karib : Lead Female
  • Manchester University Criminology Flm : role of victim
  • Clik Earbuds Advertisement : Lead Female
  • The Rox TV : Full time Presenter, researcher and scriptwriter
  • "If Music Be The Food of Love...." A Shakesperian Music Concert : Chorus Member
  • Devil by Park Avenue : Lead Female
  • Heart of House Video for Argos Website : Video Model
  • Xemplary Behaviour : Role of strong girl in pilot series
  • Travel Republic Flash Mob : Flash Mob Singer
  • Die Fledermaus : Role of Ida
  • Pickards Estate Agency Animated Film : Role of House Buyer
  • EF Language School Video : Role of Student
  • HereIAmCam : Role of App User in Promo Video
  • David LLoyd Family Film : Role of Gym User
  • Desire : Role of Ideal Woman in Short Film
  • Aperol Commercial : Beach Girl
  • Make A Shadow : Role of Meg in Music Video
  • Opera Chorus Concert : Opera 74 Member
  • 'Loosing Teeth' by Neck Deep : Mother Tooth in Music Video
  • 'The Game' by Dragon Force : Role of Mother in Music Video
  • NHS contamination training video : Patient
  • Bonnie and Clyde (The Revolution) By Her Bright Skies : Role of Bonnie in Music Video
  • Powerspin tv commercial : Party Girl in tv commercial
  • goldzimmer : role of amber seal in murder mystery event
  • Blood On the Fairways : Murder Mystery Event
  • Cavalleria Rusticana : Opera 74 production
  • Sissy Jupe in 'A Twisted Christmas Carol' : Murder Mystery Event
  • The Elixir of love : Peasant in Opera staged at the Albert Halls, Bolton
  • The story of lea Harris : main role in thriller feature film
  • training film for Gladstone pubs : Bar team Member
  • Promotional Film for loud Music : Client in film for Music management Company
  • Romeo by Two Weeks Running : Witch in Music Video
  • Never ends by distorted frequency : Girl 1 in Night Club Music Video
  • Liberty living-corporate film : Music student in film about student accommodation
  • Water 2030 : Role of juliette for harry James' music video
  • the big room : chorus
  • submerge : co-director and actor in interactive play
  • amahl and the night visitors : chorus
  • you take me higher : main artist in music video
  • phoenix rocks : band interviewer
  • phoenix tv : presenter
  • gala concert : chorus
  • christs church opera concert : soloist
  • old yellow photographs : girlfriend in music video
  • the pearl fishers : chorus
  • the wedding : first alto in one part chorus
  • a midsummers nights dream : helena
  • the visit of the old woman : lead female
  • scenes from the edge : writer and actor in short plays


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Allstars Actors Management

  • English

  • UK English

Four years training at the Octagon Theatre (2003-2007)
Training at David Johnson Drama (2013-2014)
2021: Office worker in Hughes Covid Testing Kit Advertisement
2021: Role Of friend in Deansgate Square promotional video
2021: Role of Homeowner in Easy Life Hosepipe Advert
2021: Role Of Nurse in Medical Corporate
2020: Role of Mum in Next Base social media advert
2020: Role of mum in social media ads
2020: Role of attendee in Rynos Promotional film
2020: Role of Penny Money in SkyFinger-a musical murder mystery
2019: Role of lettings agent in corporate video and stills for
2019: Alex Shepherd in Fulfilment Crowd corporate video
2019: Chorus in "Suor Angelica"
2019: Chorus in "Tosca"
2019: Suspect Louise Wilson for 'Police Now' Interview Training
2019: Kim Campbell in Television Documentary "Autopsy: The Last Hours of Glen Campbell"
2019: 2019: Alex in 'The Pilot' promotional poster
2019: Susanne in short film 'Exploited and Betrayed'
2019: Lola in Opera Cavalleira Rusticana
2019: Stella in short film 'DWP and Me'
2018: Joanna Trout in play "Dear Brutus"
2018: Marion Bowman in murder mystery "Leigh Rugby Awards Dinner"
2018: Jessica Valentine in murder mystery "Wham Groove Come Back Tour"
2018: Band Manager in Short Film "Rock and Roll"
2018: Chiquitita in 'Murder Mia' Show
2018: Lolo in "The Merry Widow"
2018: Jess in Short Film "Hush Hush"
2018: Emma Sheridan in murder mystery "dead before dinner"
2018: Nadine in "No Offence"
2018: Presenter of the Liverpool Urban Hair Show
2018: Sheesa in 'The Plonkers' Television Pilot
2018: Lead Female voiceover in short film 'Le Grand Club des Voyeurs'
2018: Jayne in Short Film 'Now That Sounds Apeeling'
2017:Mug User for Glowstone Corporate video
2017: Asthma Patient in Getting Bad News Role Play for Getting into Med
2017: Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous, a Comedy Dining Production
2017: Various roles from different decades at Spar's 60th Anniversary
2017: Role of fan in LG video for UNILAD
2017: Role of Lucy in Corporate Video for Mortgage Key
2017: Eazi-Rider Marketing Video and Stills
2017: Customer in CDK Global Commercial
2017: Presenter for Liverpool Fashion Night Out
2017: Margaret in Pegasus Estate Agency Commercial
2017: Presenter for Skoda Kodiaq Launch
2016: Lead Female in music video 'Alone Together' by Red Rum Club
2016: Hotel Guest 1 in Radisson Hotel Promotional Video
2016: Lead female in music video 'Aamret' by Arra Karib
2016: Victim in Manchester University Criminology Film
2016: Lead Female in Clik Earbuds Advertisement
2016: Chorus Member in "If Music Be The Food of Love..." A Shakesperian Music Concert.
2016: Lead female in Music video 'Devil' by Park Avenue
2016: Model/actress for Heart of House Video on the Argos Website
2016: Role of Strong Girl in pilot Series "Xemplary Behaviour"
2015: Ida in the Opera Die Fledermaus
2015: House Buyer in Pickards Animated Film
2015: Student in EF Langauge School Video
2015: App User in 'HereIAmCam' promo video
2014: Gym User in David LLoyd Family Film
2014: Role of Ideal Woman in Short Film 'Desire'
2014: Beach Girl in Aperol Commercial
2014: Role of Meg in Music Video 'Make a Shadow'
2014: Mother Tooth in 'Loosing Teeth'-Music Video for Neck Deep
2014: Mother in 'The Game'-Music video for Dragonforce
2014: Patient in NHS Contamination training video
2014: Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde (The Revolution. Music Video for Her Bright Skies.
2013: Solo recital at 2 till 4 Opera Concert
2013: Amber Seal in murder mystery 'Gold Zimmer'
2013: Bea Ware in murder mystery 'Blood On the Fairway'
2012: Sissy Jupe in Murder Mystery 'A Twisted Christmas Carol'
2012: Peasant in the Opera 'The Elixir of Love'
2012: lea in the feature film "The story of lea Harris"
2012: Bar Team Member in training film for Gladstone Pubs
2012: Client in promotional film for Lost Music (Music management company)
2011: Witch in Music Video 'Romeo' by Two Weeks Running
2011: Girl 1 in music video 'Never Ends' by Distorted Frequency
2011: Music Student in 'Liberty Living'- Corporate film for Manchester University student Accommodation
2011: Juliette in 1940s music video 'water 2030' by Harry James
2011: Soloist in Friends Opera Concert at Christ's Church, Heaton
2011: Chorus in a Gala Concert with Brighouse and Rastrick brass Band
2011: Girlfriend in Music video "Old Yellow Photographs" by Joel Sarakula
2011: Presenter of Phoenix TV
2011: Solo vocal recital at Christ's Church, Heaton.
2011: Band interviewer for Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey club.
2010: Bolton University student music video 'You Take Me Higher': Artist.
2010; member of chorus in the opera 'Amahl and the night Visitors' at st Maxentius church, Bradshaw.
2010: First alto in a one part chorus performing Stravinsky's 'The Wedding' at the Contact Theatre, Manchester. RNCM production.
2010: Member of Chorus in a staged performance of 'The Pearl Fishers' at the Albert Halls, Bolton.
2009: Co-director and actor in 'Submerge' by Telltale Productions, Cambridge
2007: Leading role in 'The Visit of the Old Woman' at Bolton School.
2007: Helena in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at Bolton School.
2006-2007: Musical Theatre training and performances at Phil Winston's Theatre Works Summer school
2005: Script writer and actor in 'Scenes from the


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Mentor Models

September 2020: Model (Personal Trainer) for Total Fitness branding and marketing
July 2019: Model for Liverpool John Lennon Airport
July 2019: Model for Allington Hughes Solicitors
June 2019: Fashion Model representing French Connection and Quiz for Preston Rocks hosted by Mark Wright
May 2019: Hand and Hair model for Christophe Robin, Paris
May 2019: Model for the Guild of Television Cameramen lighting masterclass
March 2019: Ecommerce Model for Whats Loved Manchester
November 2018: Photographic model for the Escape Hunt
October 2018: Hair model for Anne Veck at the Pro Beauty Show North
September 2018: Model for Casablanca Bridal at the Harrogate Bridal Show
June 2018: Advertising Stills for Beyond Funeral Directors
May 2018: Photographic model for The Mere Hotel
March 2018: Photographic model for Englana
August 2017: Photographic model for Benecare
August 2017: Bridal Model for
August 2017: In House model for Under Armour sell ins
July 2017: Model for Simon Kenny Photography
July 2017: Model for Hallam Mill Camera Club Group Shoot
June 2017: Catwalk Model for Gok Wan's Fashion Brunch Club
March 2017: Photographic model for Rachel Chaprunne Bridal Headwear
February 2017: Bridal model for Neil Redfern Photography Training
January 2017: Eccomerce fashion model for Demure Abayah Website
October 2016: Catwalk model for Simply Unique Events
September 2016: Beauty Model for Benefit Cosmetics
July 2016: Beauty Model for Pierre Fabre
April 2016: Model for Bately school of art fashion video
March 2016: Model for Aqua Rosa school of make-up
February 2016: Model for Premier Apartments, Manchester
January 2016: Business Model for City Place Office Shoot
December 2015: Body Paint model for Manchester College student
December 2015: Demo model for Southport College Photography Course
December 2015: Photographic model for Fast Track Parcels in 2016 Argos Catalogue
December 2015: Fitness Model for
December 2015: Fashion Model for Kamo Photography
October 2015: Model for lighting tutorial at Location Photography
October 2015: Model for Zan Studio
September 2015: Model for Impression Bridal at the Harrogate Bridal Show
June 2015: Beauty model for Hairport 49
April 2015: E-commerce Model for Klass
April 2015: Portrait Model for Rory Lewis Photography Class
March 2015: Model for HP Photography portfolio shoot
March 2015: E-Commerce Model for JLE Bags
Feb 2015: Bridal Model for Caroline Ashcroft Make-up
Feb 2015: Model for Swinton and District Photographic Society
November 2014: Photographic model for Manchester Physio
October 2014: Sofa and Beanbag Model for Argos Catalogue
August 2014: Model for AX Paris published on the House Of Fraser Website
July 2014: Photographic model for Neighbourhood Watch PR Launch
April 2014: Photographic model for Miss Rebel
February 2014: e-commerce model for ClosetUK
January 2014: Fashion model for JK Knitwear
January 2014: Photographic shoot for Leeds City Council High Cost Loan Campaign
October 2013: Model for Studio Events
October 2013: Catwalk model for Labeeby
October 2013: Model for CACI facial treatments
September 2013: Model for fashion e-commerce website 'Saira'
July 2013: Model for the Bolton Camera Club
April 2013: L'oreal Colour Trophy Regional Winner
April 2013: Photographic model for Taylor Pickles letting agency website
March 2013: Model for Bolton Digital Photographic Society
Feb 2013: Hair model for create beautiful hair workshops
February 2013: Model for Asos
January 2013: Model for Lily LuLu Designs (e-commerce website)
August 2012: Model for the Manchester School of Make-up
April 2012: Hair modeling for TIGI
March 2012: Published photographic shoot in the 'What women Want' feature of the Wakefield Express newspaper
March 2012: Model for George clothing in-store
January 2012: Shoot for Steranko clothing website
October 2011: Illamasqua fragrance and make-up model
September 2011: Model for 'Richard Designs' at the Harrogate bridal show.
July 2011: Model and hostess at the British Curry Awards
July 2011: Model and hostess at Compass Charity Golf event
May 2011: Published on
May 2011: Stoli Vodka girl: promotional model and hostess
March 2011: Model for the Fashion Show and Sales Company NW
March 2011: Accessoryo Fashion shoot.
March 2011: Accent Fashion Accessories shoot.
Nov-Dec 2010: Marlboro girl: promotional model.
Nov 2010: Model and Hostess for LARAC conference
2008-2009: Catwalk model for CUFFS and Cambridge RAG.
1995-2007: Child model with Tuesday's child agency. Various photo shoots for catalogues and advertisements (one of which front cover).


Vocal ability

Classically trained

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Classical
  • Opera

Instruments: Grade 8 Voice (mezzo soprano), Grade 7 Flute and violin, Grade 4 piano
2018-Present: Singer in Professional Gospel 'Pop Up Choir': Singer at Weddings, funerals, corporate events and festivals
2017/2018: Role of Grisette in The Merry Widow (City of Manchester Opera production)
2017: Role of Chorus and Helen of Troy in Faust (Opera 74 production)
2016: Role of Aida in Die Fledermaus (Opera 74 production)
2016: Soloist in Christs's Church Opera Concert
2016: Flash Mob Singer for the Travel Republic
2013: Chorus in Opera 74 production of Cavelleria Rustisana
2013: Vocal Flash Mob for Virgin Media Evening Event
2011: Girl 1 in music video 'Never Ends' by Distorted Frequency
2011: Music Student in 'Liberty Living'- Corporate film for Manchester University student Accommodation
2011: Soloist in Friends Opera Concert at Christ's Church, Heaton
2011: Chorus in a Gala Concert with Brighouse and Rastrick brass Band
2011: Solo vocal recital at Christ's Church, Heaton.
2010; member of chorus in the opera 'Amahl and the night Visitors' at st Maxentius church, Bradshaw.
2010: First alto in a one part chorus performing Stravinsky's 'The Wedding' at the Contact Theatre, Manchester. RNCM production.
2010: Member of Chorus in a staged performance of 'The Pearl Fishers' at the Albert Halls, Bolton.

TV & Reality

2017: Resident in Netflix Series 'Safe'
2016: Full-time presenter at Rox TV
2013: Party Girl in Powerspin tv commercial
2013: Bar girl in Hollyoaks
2013: Bar Staff in Coronation Street


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap

2006-2007: Musical Theatre training and performances at Phil Winston's Theatre Works Summer school
Grade 6 Ballet, Tap, Modern and Theatre Craft. Performing experience with 'Mariyka's Dance Studios' (Shows, events and cabaret performances).


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

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