Marcus J. Richardson

Marcus J. Richardson

Northampton, United Kingdom


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Marcus is easy going and fun to work with.

Recommended for Filmmaker Jun 2, 2021

Working with Marcus was seamless. Great communication and preparation leading up to the day and made me feel welcome on set and valued as an extra. A really good day and would highly recommend.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 3, 2021

Brilliant to work with Marcus again. As always and incredibly well organised shoot. Hope to work with you again Marcus.

Recommended for Filmmaker May 3, 2021

Marcus was great to work with and offered great communication throughout the lead up to the project. Marcus directed on the day and was extremely attentive, made everyone feel at ease and made time to make sure everyone was clear with their roles, answering any questions in a friendly and efficient manner. Highly recommended

Recommended for Casting Oct 28, 2019

I love working with Marcus! - His style of directing, his energy, work ethic and the way he manages a cast is amazing. A pleasure to act with/for. Excited to work with him and Mini Mammoth again!

Recommended for Casting Jun 21, 2019

I recommend Marcus as a casting professional and director. It was a great pleasure being the part of his production and to meet him. Very professional and friendly individual.

Recommended for Casting Jun 18, 2019

Marcus was amazing from start to finish. Very professional and well run company. Clear call times and travel instruction s as well as the script sent out a good time in advance. Marcus was very hands on whilst directing the cast and crew. A very talented individual and a joy to work with.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jun 12, 2019

Marcus was alot.of fun to work with. Able to give fantastic creative instruction of set. Takes care of everyone working with him on set and makes sure all.of their needs are met. Fulfilling experience working with him and his team. Hope to be able to do so again!

Recommended for Writing or Directing Aug 29, 2018

Marcus was such a wonderful Director to work with. He made the cast and crew feel relaxed and comfortable, thereby bringing out creative work with clear and direct instruction. He is full of energy and I would recommend anyone to work with him!

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 26, 2018

Full of enthusiasm and experience. Communicated ideas really well and worked efficiently, making the most of his actors and set.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 26, 2018

Marcus was a truly fantastic director to work under on set. He has a unique ability to get the best out of people through clear instructions and positive direction. It was a pleasure working with Marcus and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Recommended for Casting Dec 6, 2017

Fantastic and talented director who was very kind, funny and talkative as well as very welcoming and approachable. He made everyone feel relaxed and knew exactly what he wanted from us but didn’t make us feel pressured in any way. Would love to work with him on set again.

Recommended for Casting Dec 6, 2017

To work with Marcus again on set has been an honour. Not only he is a wonderful director with a remarkable vision, he is also a great comic actor. I do not believe that I have laughed so much because his energy on set is beyond hilarious and he offers support to his actors by making the shoot a lot more fun. Marcus is undoubtedly a major creative talent and I look forward to another collaboration with him from this day forth.

Recommended for Casting Sep 21, 2016

StarNow Verified

Marcus is an awesome director and I enjoyed working on set with him. His direction was superb to perfection and he brought out the best in all the actors. Marcus is also articulate, inspiring and funny and I look forward to working with him again.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jul 6, 2016