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London, United Kingdom
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no honesty

Extract from "On the O5's Secret Service" (taken from

01no honesty
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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
83 kg / 182 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
97 cm / 38 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • I Scream On The Beach : Chief Inspector Bradley
  • Pandamonium : Philip Tanterton
  • Para.Psych.Trauma (Segment: Debbie's Story) : Director (Segment), Producer (Segment)
  • Monstrous : Mark Baker, Producer
  • Invasion of the Not Quite Dead : The Creepy Guy
  • Mask of Thorn : Derek Lovell
  • The Millennial Killer : Producer
  • Deep Web XXX : Dog Man
  • Lonely Hearts : Donny Simmonds
  • Toxic Schlock : Dad / Seaside Strangler
  • Conspiracy X : Connor Roberts
  • K-Shop : Drunken reveller / streaker
  • Mob Handed : Shower Victim
  • Femme Fatale : Writer, Director
  • Faith : Producer
  • All Above Board : Barry Skrote, Pub Landlord (Co-Lead)
  • Christmas Slay : Dr Jones (Supporting Artist)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships
  • Equity

- "Monstrous"; feature; co-lead; Mark; Oct-19
* "Pandamonium"; feature; supporting; Philip Tanterton; Aug-19
- "I Scream On The Beach"; supporting; Chief Inspector Bradley; Jul-19
* "Millennial Killer"; feature; supporting; Police Sergeant Wesson; Feb-18
* "Lonely Hearts"; feature; co-lead; Donny Simmons; Aug-17
* "Home Video"; feature; supporting; Chris the Business Man; Jun-17
* "The Bubble"; short; supporting; Cyclist; May-17
* "Mask of Thorn"; feature; supporting; Derek Lovell; Apr-17
* "Conspiracy X"; feature; co-lead; Connor Roberts; Apr-17
* "Toxic Schlock"; feature; co-lead; Dad / Seaside Strangler; Mar-17
* "The Importance of God Grades"; short; speaking; Rev'd Buchanan; Dec-16
* "Canan"; short; co-lead; James Buchanan; Nov-16
- "Valediction"; feature; supporting; Shane Jacobs; Nov-16
* "Breakfast at Abernathy's"; short; supporting; Steven Ross; Oct-16
* "Scissor Killer"; short; supporting; Driver; Oct-16
* "Bella"; short; supporting; Tony; Aug-16
* "Night Demon"; short; co-lead; Tim; Apr-16
- "Love without boundaries"; short; supporting; Mr Stern; Apr-16
* "Hard Start"; short; lead; Terry; Apr-16
* "Rabbit Lost"; short; non-speaking; Father / Mad Hatter; Mar-16
* "Mob Handed"; feature; shower victim (inc full nudity); Dec-15
- "The Highridge Massacre"; short; non-speaking; Feral (inc full nudity); Dec-15
* "Gino"; short; speaking; Father (Italian); Aug-15
* "Another Day at the Office"; short; speaking; Jimmy, courier for the mob; Aug-15
* "Allusion"; feature; lead; John/Robert, horror actor; May-15
* "All Above Board"; feature; co-lead; Barry Skrote, Pub Landlord (inc partial nudity); May-15
* "Parasites"; short; lead; Adam Bernard, a blind man; Apr-15
- "Podcast - Savage Farce"; podcast; speaking; Tenirere/The Guard; Mar-15
* "Christmas Slay"; feature; speaking; Dr Jones; Mar-15
- "Bad Moon Rising"; feature; non-speaking; Werewolf Cult member; Mar-15
* "Virus of the Dead"; feature; speaking; Tom North, TV reporter; Feb-15
* "Star Night"; short; speaking; Ricky, Cinema goer (inc death); Jan-15
* "K-Shop"; feature; non-speaking; a drunken reveller skinny dipping (inc full nudity); Dec-14
* "Nicholson Street"; short; non-speaking; Golden Statue performer; Nov-14
* "Nova Vida"; short; speaking; Guard; Oct-14
* "Spaghetti Connection"; short; non-speaking; self ; Oct-14
- "To Trend on Twitter"; feature; supporting; Journalist; Sep-14
* "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead"; feature; speaking; The Creepy Man; Aug-14 / May-16 / Dec-16

* "Zombie Girl"; SPIN; speaking; Kidnapped Manager; Sep-15
* "Hotspots"; Andriah Arrindell; non-speaking; Scotsman; Mar-15
* "Slew Dem & Dun Dem"; Lady Chann ft Diesel; speaking; Teacher; Feb-15
* "Experiments"; ChorusGirl; supporting; balloon fight loser (inc full nudity); Jan-15
* "Mind the Gap"; Uncle Vic; non-speaking; drunk on underground; Jun-14

- "A Good Cigar" (Uni of Kent); Lead; Apr-17
- Thriller (Uni of Arts, London); Lead; Jun-16
* "Farb Gel Spray" (TVC) (Regent's Uni); Assailant; Apr-16
* "Misery"; short (Ravensbourne); lead; Paul; Nov-15
* "It's Too Late"; short; speaking; Lee, police officer; Jun-15
* "Genesis"; short (Bucks New Uni); speaking; Dad; Apr-15
* "An Overdue Encounter"; short (Royal Holloway); speaking; Daniel; Mar-15
* "Fantasy Boardroom"; short x2 (Greenwich); speaking; Terry / Harry; Mar-15
* "Gravedogs"; short (Uni of Arts, London); non-speaking; Dr James Sceolan, Psychiatrist; Feb-15
* "Lost"; short (Winchester); speaking; Dad; Jan-15
* "Upstairs"; short (West London); supporting; Tortured Guy, a man in trunks handcuffed to a chair; Jan-15
* "The Hindrance of Harvey"; short (Bucks New Uni); lead; Harvey, a business man receiving an unexpected delivery; Jan-15
* "Buio" [translation "Darkness"]; short (Kingston); lead; The Man, chained to a wall; Dec-14
* "Through the Lens"; short (West London); lead; Mr Manners, a landlord with a hidden hobby; Dec-14
* "Ariela"; short (Ravensbourne); co-lead; Scott; Dec-14
- "The Tell-Tale Heart"; short (Greenwich); speaking; The Old Man [including FX contact lens and latex prosthetic]; Nov-14
* "Halloween - Past and Present"; short (Westminster); scene lead; Wiccan High Priest; Nov-14
* "Red"; short (Greenwich); speaking; The Therapist (inc voiceover); Nov-14

You Me Bum Bum Train; YMBBT; interactive theatrical event; Nov-14
"2.8 hours later"; Slingshot Productions Ltd; 'Zombie'; interactive running event in London; Oct-14
Mascot; London Youth Games Foundation; 'Foxy'; October 2010 to date
Murder Weekend actor; Joy Swifts Original Murder Weekends Ltd;


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Photo shoot Model August 2013 to date - Including life (indoor and outdoor), zentai (full body Lycra suit), body painting.

Life model:
Fulham Broadway (August 2016)

FX model:
Creative Media FX course, Pinewood Studios (August 2016)
Kate Griffiths (December 2015)

Photographed by:
James Butler
Charlie Clift -
Tom Johnson -
Mark Thomas -
Kevin Rankin -
Tim Charles -
Natasha Porter -


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Production & Management ability


Runner or Assistant ability


Producer, Millennial Killer (Feature), April 2018
Producer, Lonely Hearts (Feature), August 2017
Producer, Toxic Schlock (Feature), April 2017
Producer / Director, Gimp Killer (short), October 2016
Producer, Night Demon (Short), April 2016
Producer / Director, Femme Fatale (Short), March 2016
Producer, Faith (Short), January 2016


  • English

  • UK English

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