Mason Rudd

Photographer, Camera Operator, Sound Crew Member, Editor / Post Production Staffer, Writer / Director

Wellington, New Zealand
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2 months ago

Credits & experience

  • Raspberry and Coke : Sound Recordist
  • Our Monster : Director
  • Vodafone Artisan Music Awards : Live Camera Op
  • Holly Smith Live Session : Camera Op, DIT
  • Massey Fashion Show : Camera Op, Editor
  • GIRLS : Sound Recordist
  • A Living Culture : Director, Editor, Sound Recordist
  • Millie Lies Low : DIT
  • Louis Baker Advert Campaign : Editor, Sound Recordist
  • Tuahine : Sound Recordist
  • Something Something Music : Camera Op
  • Going Local NZ Music Month : Camera Op
  • VAKA : Editor, Sound Recordist
  • Limelight : Editor, Sound Recordist
  • Dust to Dust : VFX Artist
  • The Muse Project : Editor, Sound Recordist, VFX Artist
  • The Peacemakers : Roto Artist

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Sound Crew ability


Creative Video:
Sound Recordist for GIRLS (Short Film, 2020) dir.
Sound Recordist and Director for Sustainable Fashion Short Documentary (In progress)
DIT for Millie Lies Low (Feature Film, 2020) dir. Michelle Saville
Director of Our Monster (MV, 2020) prod. Khailana
Sound Recordist, Camera Operator and Editor for VAKA (MFAT/Tokelau Documentary 2019)
Sound Recordist for Tuahine (Short film, 2019) dir. Te Waiarangi Ratana
Sound Recordist VFX Artist and Editor for The Muse Project (Short Documentary, 2018) prod. Kerry Pulham
Sound Recordist for Raspberry and Coke (Short Film, 2018) dir. Francesca Sewell
Sound Recordist and Editor for ‘Limelight’ (Short Film 2018) dir. Ben Dickens
VFX artist for ‘Dust to Dust’ (Audio/Visual Experience 2018) dir. Ben Dickens
Roto artist for The Peacemakers (Feature film, 2018) dir. Svyatoslav Nikitin
Camera Operator and Editor for Massey Fashion Show (2020)
DIT and Camera Operator for Holly Smith Live Massey Session (2020)
Live Camera Operator for Vodafone Artisan Music Awards (2019)
Sound Recordist and Videographer for Louis Baker (2019)
Videographer for Going Local NZ Music Month (2019)
Videographer for Something Something Music (2019)
Videographer for Massey University Marketing (2019)
Editor 2018 Coca Massey University Ad Campaign (2018)


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

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