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Influencer, Art Department Member, Makeup Artist

Warrington, United Kingdom
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Nella Fantasia Recorded 3 years ago Not in proffetional studio Had lots of training since then.

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Physical Attributes

160 cm / 5ft 3in
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Short film : Special effects makeup artist
  • Bolton university : Special effects in TV and film
  • Production arts makeup level 3 diploma (Warrington Collegiate) : Makeup artist
  • Miss UK : Makeup artist
  • Miss intecontinental : Makeup artist
  • Disney Villain photoshoot : Makeup artist
  • London fashion week, photo shoot : Makeup artist
  • Zombie advert (Warring-ton collegiate) : Makeup artist
  • Zombie promo Video/ silent studios : Makeup artist
  • Zombie apocalypse survival event : Makeup artist
  • Warrington Colligate : Musical theatre level 3 Btech
  • Warrington wolves pantomine : Makeup artist


I have had my own Instagram for about a year now, and in that time have had much recognition, engagement and also work from the work I am presenting, weather that be a picture or video content.

My social media platforms are as follows:

-Instagram: @meeshasmakeup
- Facebook: ( or search MEESHASMAKEUP)
- Website link :

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability



- Bolton university. Bachelor of design, first  division, BA Honours effects artist artist in TV and film.
- Level 3 media make-up for TV and film  B-tech – Pass
- Level 3 Extended project – B
- Level 3 art B-tech – B
- GCSE’S – A-C 
Meesha Louise Spurr

                                           AREAS OF EXPERTISE
Sculpting: Replica sculpting Anatomically correct sculpture Form sculpting Detailed sculpting Texture sculpting  

Fine Art: Concept design Commission art  Airbrush painter Body painter Acrylic polychromos artist

Prosthetic application: Colour matching expertise Pattern matching Fitting prosthetics, latex, silicone, foam latex. Painting prosthetics latex, silicone and foam latex. (airbrushing) Healthy and safety procedures Material data safety procedures. 

Mould making: Fibrous plaster work Silicone mould making Fibre glass mould making Plaster mould making Polyurethane resin mould making One part mould making Dump mould making 2 part mould making Flat mould making Casting: Gravity pour casting Silicone casting Latex casting Foam latex casting Epoxy resin casting 

-Prosthetics Magazine, Issue 4 
-Full Page feature on page 47

-Warrington guardian
Halloween online feature

-Display artist 
Creature Geddon

Polychromos, Acrylics, Photoshop, ink, Silicone, Latex, foam latex, Ceramic clay, dragon skin paint, illustrator paints, spray painting, acetone, Green marble, cold casting, fibrous plaster, gloss, lacquering airbrush paints, resin, fibre glass, polyurethane resin, Skin grade silicone, plaster, alginate, wed clay, oil clay, sculpt clay, white spirit, j-wax and much more.

                            ABOUT ME.
I am an artistically inclined individual and on completion of my special effects In TV and film course in June 2017 my key objective is to apply my skills and knowledge I have gained in special effects and art. I am a self-motivated, conscientious and enthusiastic person. Flexibility and support come as second nature coupled with an ability to communicate effectively, particularly under pressurized situations. I believe these inter-personal and communication skills are vital in a dynamic work place environment. I have an excellent track record in achieving challenging targets and deadlines, both as an individual and as an effective member of a wider team.
Through my  time in collage, university  and in industry I have been instrumental in raising standards of achievement, through whole class teaching and smaller intervention groups. I enjoy creating a stimulating working environment and use problem solving and skills to get the best out of every individual I teach. I have also been taught on short courses at the university of Bolton by some of the current leading artist such as "Neil Gorton".

• Self-confidence and an ability to take the initiative, often in situations without precedence, (including public speaking/planning). • Delivering challenging targets/deadlines set by production executives • Delivering competent work, often within short timescales. • Working and communicating with fellow work colleagues and team members to create and develop   • Being open-minded and creative - capability to interpret clients' requirements, (from oral or written briefs) and carrying out requested performances. • Being an accomplished problem solver and communicator, whilst working quickly but still effectively.

                                         Experience and Events attended.
                                         CEO of MeeshaLou Cosmetics Ltd  2019
                            Bigature project - Full head silicone mask process. 2017
                                                      Final major project 2017
      Lead SFX prosthetic artist an designer for a number of Scare festival and shows
                                                                 2013 - 2017
                                       Displayed work at Creature Geddon 2016.
                Performed a special effects  make-up demo at Sal-ford private Comiccon.
            Multi year project Bolton university production for short film ( Dec 2016).   
     Wand prop creation assignment Bolton university Feb. (2015)
                  Warrington Wolves R.F.C. pantomime; make-up artist (Dec. 2012).
     Yearly Halloween business producing and applying customized prosthetic for customers.
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