Miguel Sobreira

Miguel Sobreira

London, United Kingdom


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Miguel was so wonderful to work with. He made me feel so relaxed, was extremely friendly and even bought me plasters when I had blistered feet on location. Very professional, organised and communicative. Also makes an amazing cup of tea!

Recommended for Photography Mar 31, 2021

Miguel was great to work with, he’s fun and easy going! Highly recommend him.

Recommended for Photography Jul 20, 2020

Miguel is friendly, easy going and talented. It was lovely to work with him!

Recommended for Photography Jul 4, 2020

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It was a pleasure working with Miguel! Very friendly and professional!

Recommended for Photography Jun 22, 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Miguel, very professional from the start and a pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Photography Dec 8, 2019

Miguel is a talented photographer who is laid back but at the same time very professional and achieves top results. I highly recommend working with him !

Recommended for Photography May 3, 2019

Miguel is a highly talented photographer, using a variety of ambitious scenarios and angles to develop theost creative of pictures. A pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Photography May 1, 2019

Really lovely man who is also a master of his craft. Pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Photography May 1, 2019

Incredibly talented, very easy going and can capture a moment that you don’t see. His approach to his art, travel and a photo is applied with every detail. Loved working with him and I am very grateful to have this experience. I have worked with over 100 photographers around the world. Miguel stands out as one of the best.

Recommended for Photography Nov 17, 2018

Had a lovely shoot with Miguel, a very talented photographer, kind, courteous and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend.

Recommended for Casting Jun 6, 2017

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Miguel is a very talented photographer with a refined taste. It was really nice working with him!

Recommended for Casting Apr 27, 2017

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Great photographer with a lovely personality. Made me feel very relaxed, our time together flew and the images were outstanding. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Photography Mar 21, 2017

Very good photographer who makes you very comfortable! Super happy with his work!

Recommended for Casting Jul 7, 2014

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