Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper

London, United Kingdom


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Highly recommend working with Mike. Very professional photographer- capturing movement and dance shots with ease. Mike is an incredibly warm and friendly photographer and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Recommended for Photography Dec 13, 2020

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Mike is a fantastic photographer with a great eye for colour and landscape in relation to the dancer. He prompts the artistic vision for each shot while equally allowing the subject to contribute creative ideas and takes the time to try different variation on angle, lenses and lighting to achieve the best possible outcome. Thank you for a fun shoot!

Recommended for Photography Sep 12, 2020

Had the pleasure of shooting with Mike, he was friendly, professional, knew all the locations to shoot in, gave direction but also allowed me to explore possibilities too. Mike got some great shots, and the whole shoot was a great success, would recommend Mike highly!

Recommended for Photography Aug 22, 2020

I had a pleasure to work with Mike on an outdoor shoot in London yesterday. Very professional, super easy to get along with in front and off the camera. Felt super comfortable and really enjoyed working with him. He’s passionate about his craft and that shows, capturing subtle details and moments. Highly recommend!

Recommended for Photography Jun 29, 2020

I worked with Mike on a dance photoshoot, it was great fun, really nice guy, very considerate and got some excellent shots.

Recommended for Photography Jun 7, 2020

Worked with Mike for an outdoors dance shoot in Westminster. He was very friendly and welcoming, I felt comfortable during the whole shoot. When I wasn’t sure of what new positions to do Mike gave some great ideas that I could easily work with. He had a great vision of what he wanted and knew which shots would be good. Great person to chat to and would 100% work with again.

Recommended for Photography May 31, 2020

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Mike was wonderful to work with! A very talented photographer!

Recommended for Photography Mar 13, 2020

Amazing professional, also really friendly and made me feel comfortable. Communications prior were clear, and the shoot was absolutely enjoyable with a good balance of getting directions while having room for creativity. Beautiful locations to add! I would highly recommend Mike!

Recommended for Photography Aug 18, 2019

Totally and definitely can recommend to work with Mike! Recently we were working together , did dance photoshoot and so I can tell that Mike is : at first ---> really good in this what he do , really professional ! As a second : great and amazing human with beautiful soul ! Photos wich we did are really great -what's more ,Mike had edit them afterward so quickly! During session Mike always kept eye on details ,always open for new ideas ! Thank you so much Mike!!

Recommended for Casting Aug 16, 2019

I just did my second shoot with Mike and it was such a pleasure, as always. Mike is not only really lovely and friendly, but also cares a lot about his work and is always coming up with new, creative ideas. He always chooses beautiful locations and will share his final edits with you within just a few days. I absolutely love working with Mike and couldn't recommend him more!

Recommended for Photography Aug 7, 2019

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I had a shoot with Mike a couple of weeks ago which was great. He suggested a beautiful location and as soon as I arrived he was very friendly and chatty and made me feel at ease straight away. The shoot was very enjoyable and I really valued Mike's input and help with poses etc. He was always checking that I was okay throughout the shoot and was lovely to work with. The photos were ready within a few days and I love them, I would definitely recommend Mike and hope to work with him again soon!

Recommended for Photography Mar 16, 2019

Had an urban street style photo shoot with Mike, he was very easy to get along with and made me feel very comfortable. He went at a good pace, he didn’t rush anything and this was relaxing which made the modelling easier for me. I highly recommend doing a shoot with him whether you’re a starter or experienced model. Hopefully I will get the change to do another shoot with him.

Recommended for Casting Feb 14, 2019

I had a very enjoyable experience shooting with Mike, who was great to work with, very professional, open-minded and easy going! Was great at giving direction as well as hearing my creative input! Would recommend!!!

Recommended for Photography Jan 28, 2019

Mike is a lovely, easy going guy. I had the pleasure of dancing/ modelling for his location shoot today and couldn't recommend him enough as a photographer. He directs well, yet allowed room for my creative input. Very professional and a great guy to work with! Couldn't recommend enough.

Recommended for Photography Oct 14, 2018

Mike was so lovely to work with! Not only is he a very talented photographer, but he was easy-going, creative and very understanding about the precision involved with ballet. We also got some great headshots when he spotted some lovely light during golden hour. Would definitely recommend and I hope to work with him again.

Recommended for Photography Oct 7, 2018

Mike is lovely and a great photographer. He found a really nice location and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. He is very open to dialogue and values the model as collaborator, giving clear directions when needed. The pictures are great, he has a very good eye for composition and colours. I would definitely recommend Mike, to expand your portfolio or even just to have a very enjoyable shoot.

Recommended for Photography Sep 17, 2018

Enjoyed my shoot with Mike, he is very open minded and talented. Definitely recommend ! Best wishes and good luck with everything Mike !

Recommended for Photography Sep 4, 2018

I had a good time shooting with Mike! Taking pictures of dancers is sometimes a really tough job, but he gave me and my dance partner enough time to get the perfect shot, found great backgrounds and was super easy to work with! I'm already looking forward to the pictures!

Recommended for Photography Jul 31, 2018

Mike was a brilliant photographer and a friendly person also. He had some great visions with locations, movements and style. I really enjoyed this shoot with him and would recommend him! Will hopefully shoot again with him later on this year

Recommended for Photography Jul 6, 2018