Mycle Scheuer

Camera Operator, Writer / Director

London, United Kingdom
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27.7 – 28.7.2017
1st Assistant Director on “Pinky Promise”, Drama Short, London, UK (in Post-Production)

Director on “Nightwalker/Nucleus”, Music Video, London, UK (in Post-Production)

Writer, Director and Editor on “Flat Mate”, Comedy Short, London, UK (in Post-Production)

Director and Editor on "Hydrophilia", Horror Short, London, UK

Gaffer on “Dispatch”, Comedy Short, London, UK

6.3. – 14.3.2016
Writer, Director and Editor on “Family Business”, Comedy Short, London, UK

Writer, Director and Editor on “Sodium Noir”, Silent Mystery Short, London, UK

Gaffer on “Sundara Karma”, Music Video, London, UK

Writer, Director and Editor on “Exposition”, Student Educational Short, London, UK

15 – 16.3.2015
Writer, Director and Editor on “the Toiletking”, Studen Comedy Short, London, UK

Spark on “Jacob’s Story”, Interactive Web Series Episode, London, UK

8 – 10.12.2014
Spark on “Hits me like an Asteroid”, Drama Pilot, London, UK

Spark on “On your own”, Music Video, London, UK

Writer, Director and Editor on “Nice Try”, Comedy Short, London, UK

Director on “On the Bridge to Success”, Student Documentary Short, London, UK

8.2. – 9.2.2014
1st Assistant Director on “Price”, Student Experimental Short, London, UK

1.2013 – 6.2013
Animation-Designer, Dufry International in Basel, Switzerland

Writer, Director and Editor on 3 shorts at New York Film Academy 4 week program, New York, USA

8.2012 – 11.2012
Internship as Multimedia-Designer, X-Site in Riehen, Switzerland

Education and Qualifications

2013 – 2016 | London Metropolitan University, London, UK
BA Film and Broadcast Production
Modules included: Technical skills in camera and post-production, Scriptwriting, Drama production, Production management, Visual design for the screen, Media theory and film studies, Marketing.

October 2012 | New York Film Academy, New York, USA
4 Week Filmmaking Workshop
Classes included: Screenwriting, Cinematography, Lighting, Directing Actors, Editing



As the writer, director and editor of 8 short films I have shown strong directing skills using the cinematic language and directing cast and crew in all three stages of production.

In my time as an animation-designer I had extensive training with post-production software, including Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Blender. Therefore, as a director, I am aware of the limitations and possibilities of post-production in relation to a given budget.

Having made no-budget action shorts with amateur friends and airsoft guns as well as completely on my own at the age of 16, I have developed no-budget directing skills by uniting my friends for efficient yet enjoyable shoots and using do-it-yourself lighting rigs using construction lights and household materials.


With the ambition to direct my own material I started writing at the age of 16 and have written over 10 short screenplays so far. While studying the theory behind dramatic structure and screenwriting, I develop my screenwriting skills in constant practice by try-and-error.

Since I was raised in German with its complex grammar and learned the English language in school I am very conscious of the possibilities language offers to express ideas and images.


As an animation-designer and as an intern at a marketing-agency I had extensive training in using post-production software such as: Ad Premiere, Ad After Effects, Ad Photoshop, Ad Audition, Blender.

I was the editor of over 10 short films I also directed, which allowed me to improve my editing skills on a technical level as well as on the creative level, putting myself in the shoes of the audience and switching between the director’s and editor’s mindset.
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