Nafees Nazim

Nafees Nazim Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Super professional and a great guy to work with. Talented and funny. Working with Nafees was a effortless and would definitely recommend Nafees.

Recommended for Acting Sep 7, 2021

Professional and responsive to direction.

Recommended for Modelling Aug 22, 2021

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We worked with Nafees on a recent project and he was a pleasure to have on set. Awesome energy, quick to take direction, prompt communication and great professionalism. A great actor and a great guy. Thanks Nafees!

Recommended for Acting Jun 24, 2021

Worked with Nafees on two projects. He is reliable, professional and can play a wide variation of characters.

Recommended for Acting Apr 30, 2021

Nafees was punctual enthusiastic and did an excellent job in the role he was hired for, meeting all our expectations for our shoot.

Recommended for Acting Apr 29, 2021

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Nafees is an absolute pleasure to work with and his passion for the industry is infectious. He is full of industry knowledge and has an impressive acting background. We worked together on a shoot for an international gym facility and I was able to enjoy the experience through his easy-going nature. Look forward to meeting and working together again!

Recommended for Modelling Apr 26, 2021

Great working with Nafees. Reliable and good communicator. Would absolutely recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Apr 21, 2021

Without hesitation I can say that working with Nafees has been an absolute pleasure. Words such as experience-reliable-professional can all be applied to his work. I have achieved more than I expected from my collaboration with him. Most certainly an 11 out of 10 !

Recommended for Photography Mar 28, 2021

Fizz has a great personality which makes for an open and fun environment to work in. He's a highly dedicated and diligent actor.

Recommended for Acting Mar 12, 2021

I worked with Nafees on two sets as fellow actors/extras, and got to know him as a professional, friendly and humorous guy. Would definitely recommend and look forward to working together again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Mar 10, 2021

Great attitude and fun to work with.

Recommended for Extras Feb 8, 2021

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I would highly recommend Nafees. He is professional, takes direction well and his ease, sense of humor and adaptability ensured that all the cast and crew enjoyed their interactions with him. Even when he had fulfilled his role, he was more than happy to stay on as an extra. I feel confident that Nafees will continue to grow in his profession and be very successful in this industry.

Recommended for Acting Jan 19, 2021

Nafees is an absolute professional and a lovely guy. He featured in my dance content, taking on notes with ease and working seamlessly with others on set. I would highly recommend working with him.

Recommended for Extras Jan 14, 2021

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Nafees was a pleasure to work with as an actor, on a project which had a very tight turnaround. Thank you for being so communicative and professional, I hope to work with you in the future!

Recommended for Acting Nov 18, 2020

We used Nafees for an internal training video and throughout the whole process Nafees was great to work with. He was fantastic on set and learnt all his lines and was brilliant at his character. Would definitely recommend him for future work.

Recommended for Acting Sep 28, 2020

Nafees is an incredibly amiable, capable, hard working performer who strives to make everyone he works with as comfortable as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the screen with him, and would highly recommend him for your next project!

Recommended for Acting Sep 26, 2020

Nafees filled an extras role for us on short notice due to a date change. He arrived at the call time ready to go, and helped us finish production. Charismatic and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Extras Sep 25, 2020

Nafees was great to work with on set. Instantly friendly, he‘a a natural conversationalist and makes everyone feel at ease with his energy and positivity. He is committed to his roles and would be a great addition to any set or production. Highly recommended actor!

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2020

Filming and photo shooting with Nafees were super relaxed from the very moment we met on set and we actually had a great laugh during and between scenes. He was really friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend Nafees as an experienced and talented actor and model.

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2020

Easy to work with & can-do attitude!

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2020