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Manchester, United Kingdom
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VO audition

A very clever lady who calls in to a radio station.

01VO audition

Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
93 kg / 204 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
100 cm / 39 in
113 cm / 44 in
Dress size:
UK 18 / AUS 18 / US 14
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • (TV Series) ICE. : Main cast
  • Feature Film (Horror) - PIG : Claire Hudson. Head Mid Wife at the hospital.
  • Photoshoot : Cast as part of the recreation of the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame
  • (Immersive improv performer) The Wire Works. Exhibition, Warrington Town centre. : 1/3 in a Walk About/ Immersive team dressed as 18/19th Century wire factory workers. Performing related improvisation scenes outdoors to the general public.
  • (Commercial) - Thomas & Fleming (very high end Chesterfield style bespoke furniture makers) : 1/5 Main cast
  • (Short) - 'Glados'. Sci Fi. : Dr Paige Fleming
  • (Short) - 'Club' : Main cast
  • (Feature Film) - Shattered BY EVIL. : Casting Director
  • (Feature Film) - Shattered BY EVIL. : Karen Bolton. Main Cast.
  • (Short) - The Detected Movie. : Carol O'Donnell. Main cast
  • (Feature Film) 'Killing Rainbow'. : Frances Wade. Main cast
  • (Netflix TV series) - Get Even 2. : Supporting Artist
  • (Course) Thinking Actors : The Fearless Actor
  • (TV Series) - 'The Bay'. : Supporting Artist
  • (Short) - 'Who Do You Remember' : VO role: Harriet's Mum
  • (Course) Thinking Actors : The Fearless Actor
  • (Short) 'Kramer v Kramer'. Adaptation of original film with Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep (1979) : Co Lead: Joanna Kramer
  • (Short) 'Bald'. BFI Backed Short Comedy : A member of the Moonbrains, who are a group of working class men and women who meet in a social club in Wales every Saturday night
  • (TV Commercial) Nike. 'Nice Guys Finish Last'. Play New : Mother of a football player
  • (Course) Thinking Actors : Understanding Meisner
  • (Course) Thinking Actors : Understanding Stanislavski
  • (Pilot Quiz Show) 'Me & My Ex' : Playing the lead role of the female in the couple who have broken up and who the show is specifically based on.
  • (Feature Film) - 'Wrong Side'. Horror film involving the Gas Mask Serial Killer and a heavy police. : Co Lead: D.C.I Jane Morton.
  • (Short) - 'Distance' : Co Lead: Sarah, Mother to Hannah. 2 roles only in the drama, communicating throughout. Sense of awkwardness between them. Sarah is very religious.
  • (Short) - 'Time is Money' : Mrs Emmitt. Mother of the main protagonist. Strong willed. Loves her family. Can be quite snappy.
  • (Feature Film) - 'Mission To The Moon' : Mother of the Pilot
  • (Feature Film) - 'Freakish Unleashed' : Captain Carter
  • (Short) - 'Acceptance' : Narcissistic Cult Leader
  • (Short) - 'Warden' : Co Lead - Head Prison Officer
  • (Commercial) - 'Kinetica' Sports Drinks & Supplements : Security Guard/ Groundsman starring solely with Trent Alexander - Liverpool & England Football Player.
  • (Commercial) 'Nerfscape' - Action/ Comedy. : Mother - mean, bossy, stuffy, old fashioned.
  • (Feature Film) - 'She Dogs Of The SS'. 1940's Nazi Horror : German Drs Assistant.
  • (Feature Film) - 'Artifacts of Fear' : News Presenter. Various locations & looks.
  • Lockdown Monologues by Screenwriter Simon O'carra : 'The Spanish Flu'
  • (Short) - 'These Towns' : Role of Dianne - head strong, gobby, loud, carefree woman
  • (Short) - 'Abaddon' : Headmistress- significant role with a lot of lines. Powerful, serious, in control.
  • (Short) - 'Panjandrum' : Office Manager- Significant crazy character with a lot of dialogue, action and anger.
  • (Short ) - 'Red Universe' : Detective - Significant, serious role with a lot of dialogue.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

(2020) Online Web Series - Action/ Comedy.
Role of mean, bossy, stuffy, old fashioned Mother.

(2020) TV Series ( Title currently under wraps) : Role of Dianne.

(2020) Feature Film - Freakish 2 : Detective.

(2020) Feature Film - Mission To The Moon : Mother of the Pilot.

(2020) Feature Film - Artefacts of Fear : News Presenter. Various locations & looks.

(2020) Short Film - Know Your Place : Mother - Psychologicaly abuses her son. Not a nice person.

(2020) Short Film - Abaddon : Headmistress- Significant role with a lot of lines. Powerful, serious, in control.

(2020) Short Film - Red Universe : Detective - Significant, serious role with a lot of lines.

(2020) Short Film - Panjandrum : Office Manager- Significant crazy character with a lot of lines, action and anger.

Currently attending a very intense and professional 'Acting For Screen' course at MSA - Manchester School of Acting.


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

(2019) Hymns Of Abarise - Feature film. Extra with lines and IMDB credit.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Film & Stage Crew

Runner or Assistant ability



Photography experience

Photography student


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

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