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Voice 016-1

Part 1 of an abridged reading of A Christmas Carol.

01Voice 016-1

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
82 kg / 180 lbs
White / Caucasian
107 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
92 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Doctor Who Fan series : The Castellan
  • The Little Mermaid. An online panto. : King Triton.
  • Yorks winter wonderland : Santa
  • Emmerdale : Villager. Extra.
  • Richard III. Jorvik Rep Theatre. : King Richard III.
  • Mr Mayfair, feature film : Extra, hotel porter
  • Hamlet. Baron Productions. Profit share. : Horatio
  • Citysightseeing York : Tour guide.
  • Carpe Jugulum. We are theatre. : Nanny Ogg, part of a three witch coven.
  • Kestral Investigates Series 2 Episode 3 Peg Powler : Timothy Sweets.
  • Winter Wonderland. Great Grottos : Santa
  • Commando 3 : Extra. A pedestrian and man in pub.
  • City of pigs : I had a speaking part as a journalist in this student film.
  • Fiddler on the roof. : Reb Mordcha, the innkeeper.
  • Maskerade. We are theatre. : Enrico Basilica the opera singer.
  • The Tempest: This was a professional touring production. : Adrian a Lord.
  • Rigoletto : Courtier at an orgy (paid role)
  • Congratulations to my Ex (Student film) : Wedding guest (Featured extra.)
  • Costumed character. (Paid role.) : Sigurd the Viking.
  • Great Grotto's York's Winter Wonderland : Santa Claus (Paid role.)
  • Wyrd Sisters. We are theatre. : The ghost of King Verence.
  • Chestersburg. Red Shirt Films. : Serial killer. (Credited as Mr Bumholes.) I had a speaking part in this comedy horror film.
  • Dracula : Renfield. Jorvik Rep Theatre Company. (Profit share.)
  • Corporate training video : Office worker (Paid role.)
  • Life Through Colour : Pete. This was a professional T.I.E show touring around schools in York.
  • Girlfriends : Background artist
  • Emmerdale. : Background artist. I was a hospital Porter.
  • Gold : I had a walk on role playing a paramedic in this major Bollywood film.
  • Wuthering Heights. Jorvik Rep Theatre company. : Edgar Linton
  • The Tempest. A production by Jorvik Rep Theatre company. This was a professional production. : Antonio.
  • Dick Turpin part II by English Cinematic Pictures : Bob. This was a paid speaking role.
  • Harth's Requiem. A one act play performed as part of an evening of gothic stories. : Captain Tobias Blackwell.
  • Tour guide on the York Ghost bus tours. : This is a comedy horror sight seeing tour. The costumed guide tells tales of gruesome ghosts and ghastly goings on as the bus visits some of the scariest places in the City.
  • A Christmas Carol. : I reprised my role as old Joe Scrape in Nightshade Productions version of this classic tale.
  • Winter Wonderland at the Designer Outlet : Santa Claus
  • King Charles III : Supporting artist.
  • We Are Theatre : Albert. I played Death's servant Albert in this comedy by Steven Briggs based on the book by Terry Pratchett.
  • Pedey PD. A short film comedy. : Halibut Lecter. A serial killer. See showreel.
  • Moorside Project : I played the foreman of the Jury. This was a paid speaking part.
  • DCI Banks : Featured extra, playing a waiter.
  • Actor at York Dungeon. : I play various characters performing for visitors to the Dungeon telling stories from Yorks grim history.
  • DCI Banks : I was a background artist playing an office worker.
  • Actor at York Dungeon. : I played various characters performing to the Dungeon visitors.
  • The Lies We Tell. : I was a supporting Artist in this film.
  • The Underpass : I was an extra in a short horror movie
  • Spartacus : I played Batiatus and Gannicus in a new production of Spartacus by Urban Sprawl theatre company..
  • A Faustian Affair : A Psychological horror movie based on Faust. I played a member of a cult.
  • Next Please. : A student comedy film set in a supermarket. This was a speaking role.
  • Moonscape : A devised play about homelessness partly inspired by the paintings of Atkinson Grimshaw
  • A Christmas Carol. : I played old Joe Scrape and Mr Tibbs ( A charitable gentleman) in Nightshade Productions annual production of a Christmas Carol. This was a paid role but all profits to be donated to the NSPCC
  • Hallowscream : I was a character interacting with the audience at this popular scare attraction.
  • Trauma : A play about PTSD.
  • Utopia series 2. : Background artist
  • Blood & Chocolate : I was an actor in Blood and Chocolate one of the largest outdoor multimedia events in York which got 4 star reviews in the Guardian and the Independent .
  • The Syndicate : I was an extra on the second series of this BBC drama by Kay Mellor.
  • Wrecked : A play by Urban Sprawl. I played the part of Oscar in this production
  • Fright Water : I was a zombie at Light Water Valley during the five day horror event.
  • Swashbuckling September : I was a Pirate at Light Water Valley. Interacting with the public throughout the event.
  • Thought Porridge "The Closed Circle" : Actor. I was Mr Hobbs in the premiere of this production.
  • Gatecrasher (film) : I was an extra in a short film made by HCR films.
  • On the Edge festival 2012 : Actor and Event staff
  • Tantalos theatre Co : Actor in the premier of Sebastian and Lola and 47 sonnets of self repair
  • Urban Sprawl : Actor and workshop assistant (ongoing part time.)
  • Emmerdale : Supporting artist.
  • One in Four Theatre Company : Actor and workshop leader
  • No Angels : Extra
  • Morrison's advert. : Featured extra playing the dad.
  • The Northern centre for performing arts : HND Theatre


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Agency Oakroyd

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • French

I have experience in Theatre, film and television.
I have done corporate work, T.I.E and run workshops.
Recently I had a speaking part in the BBC drama The Moorside and a walk on part in a Bollywood movie.

My email is

I am on Twitter @Nigellus78 and on LinkedIn as Nigel Walker.


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

Extras agent

Niche Castings

I have been a both a background and featured extra and have had walk on parts.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Modelling agent

Agency Oakroyd

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