takeON LA - Youth Program

takeON LA - Youth Program

All regions, Australia

Calling all actors aged 8-17 years old!

2017 will be our 3rd year of takeON LA and this year we introduce the Youth Program. Providing training for top tire industry professionals, who have worked with some of the best in the film industry. This life changing experience was created, designed and facilitated by Casting Director Ben Parkinson and actor Joey Vieira and will provide advanced acting tools and networking opportunities that are a must in the business today.

takeON includes sessions with casting agents, acting coaches and meeting the who's who in the industry in Los Angeles. Its the perfect way to explore the Hollywood industry in a safe and supportive environment through the guidance of industry leaders.

The program will take place over 7 days during the school holiday period in June 2017.

If you are interested and have a child who is a talented and an aspiring actor, then this is a unique opportunity to understand the industry and explore it with those who are part of the best practices in the US and Australia. Each actor would need to have a parent of guardian traveling with them on the program.

Taking Enrolments NOW!

A Program designed for actors needing that next level of training!

To be considered for the Youth Program, please send headshot and resume:
Ben Parkinson & Joey Vieira

Following the interviews. takeON LA will hold a further information night.
Spaces are limited.

Contact name:
Ben Parkinson & Joey Vieira

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