Showreel for actors

Showreel for actors

London, United Kingdom

Top quality showreels for actors in London

We are a team of film-makers with over 6 years of industry experience. Individually we have worked on everything from feature films and TV shows to documentaries and music videos before we formed a showreel production company to provide high-quality, cinematic showreels for actors in London that look (and sound!!) as good as anything in your local multiplex.

We create showreels from scratch which means that we will write, shoot and edit bespoke scenes for you to showcase your strengths, or explore a different side to your acting talent.

The secret ingredient of our high-quality service lies beyond the years of experience we have. Our secret is passion. We are truly passionate about film-making and making showreels for actors. We never mind doing an extra shot to add more production value, spending the extra hours on post production to create a professional sound design or finding the right music for the scene, having an ADR session whenever necessary, or professionally colour grade the scene to get the cinematic look. We work very hard to make sure that all our clients get great value and nothing less, than perfect is good enough for us.

We are proud that former clients of ours have since gone on to appear in shows such as Eastenders, Born to Kill, Hollyoaks, Peaky Blinders, Casualty, and Doctors.

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Peter Palmer

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