WEBINAR 2:  Improve Your Self Test

WEBINAR 2: Improve Your Self Test

Victoria, Australia

Avoid the Mistake That 68% of Actors Make

The analysis of 16 actors self tests revealed that 68% of them made the same mistake. The discoveries we made in WEBINAR 1 on how to remedy this problem has had actors, who are testing this new approach to scene preparation, making huge improvements.

Now WEBINAR 2: this Saturday morning 29 August 2020 at 10am (Melbourne time) will test out the effectiveness of these techniques. Six actors have been chosen, at random, to apply this specific new approach. They will explain how they are applying the process as well as play their scene so you can see the result. Enrol now - $10 for hour and a half session.

When you enrol you will get a copy of the scenes so that you can apply these new concepts and test them out for yourself.

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Richard Sarell
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