Patrick Baker

Actor, Extra, Model

Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

My son of 23 years, 'in same bubble' is available. Ethan Baker. 6 ft’ 0.5” high. 39” chest, 23 years. He is DBS checked, fit, reliable & has previous SA experience on one film in 2020 for 4 days & is in the new Mini car advert.

Patrick & Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker

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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
60 kg / 132 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • 'The Sun' newspaper, : As a Bob Geldof lookalike modelling clothes.
  • ‘Cursed’ Netflix series. : Archery tuition Half day (1 to 2 person) tuition.
  • ‘Cursed’ Netflix series. : Sword fighting tuition. On Set Tuition, 2019
  • ‘Horrible Histories’ (film) : Sword fighting tuition. On Set Tuition, 2019
  • Working as background artist as well as my web based record/ music shop.
  • My own business: Records Media & Musical Instruments, Shop Retailer : Owner. I once had two shops ,one in London but now run business online.
  • Landscape Gardener : Owner: Self employed


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

2019 ACTOR LinkedIn advert. Gardener. 1 day.
2018.  ACTOR: ‘Shimmer’.  As a Wizard type character. Local, Steve Evenden, film..
2017 ACTOR: ‘My Life as a Witch’.  As a Politician. Local, James Wilsher, Be Good Films.
View:  (at 12:06 mins)
2016 ACTOR: ‘Punisher - Army of One’. As a USA gangster. Local, Thomas Pantelakis,
Eyes Wide Productions, Internet film View:    (at 17:20 mins)
2016 ACTOR: ‘The New Adventures Of Quincy Weatherford’. As a house servant. Local,
Steve Lyons & Danny  Pavitt, drama/play. View (a rehearsal video) at:
 (at 4:50 mins & throughout)
2016 ACTOR: ‘The Black Swan’. As a Doctor. Local, Jamie Evans, Impala Films.  Awaiting
2016 ACTOR: ‘I Scream On The Beach’. As a crazed murderer. Local, Michael Holiday &
Alexander Churchyard film.  Awaiting video…
2016 ACTOR: ‘Rent To Pay’.  As a serial killer. Local internet film.


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

Featured/Walk on.
2020 Gambleaware advert. 1 day
2020 ‘The Great' (Catherine)’TV series. 1day
2019 ‘The Great' (Catherine) TV series. 2 days
2019 ‘Dracula’ TV series. ‘Demeter’ sailor 5 days
2018 ‘Celebrity Juice’. Comedy panel show. French character. 1 Day
2017 ‘Harlots’. TV drama series; 6 days
2017 ‘EastEnders’. Actor/walk on, 1 day
2017 ‘The Rebel’, TV Drama series; 1Day
2017 ‘Farming’. Film (Adewale Akinnuoye) 1 day
2017 ‘EastEnders’. 1 day
2016 ‘My Cousin Rachel’. Film. House servant. Vocal scene & featured scenes. 8 days +
one-day barn dance training.
2017 ‘Upstart Crow’. Ben Elton comedy series. 1 day
2017 ‘Entebbe’. Film. 2 days
2016 ‘Quacks’. TV drama series. 2017 Hangman. 1 day
2016 ‘Harlots’. TV Period-drama series 2017. Gentleman. 6 days
2015 ‘Assassin Creed’. 2016. Brainwashed hospital patient. 3 days

.........Background Extra/SA

McVities Olympics advert. 1 day.
‘Des’ Dennis Nilsen ITV drama 1 day
Roadkill. Hugh Laurie BBC Thriller by David Hare. 1 day
‘The Crown
The Great (Catherine)’ 1 day

‘The Great (Catherine)’ 2 days
‘The Crown. 4 days
Suruli. Bollywood Film
Russel Tovey Series.
Ted Lasso. TV series.
Louis Wain. Film 1 day
355. 1 day. background
Cursed. Netflix series. 7.5 days + Sword fighting & Archery tuition. Paladin warrior.
The Nevers. 4 days
Rebecca. Film 3 days
The Nevers. TV series. 6 days
A Christmas Carol. TV series. 3 days.
Autopsy: David Cassidy. TV documentary series. Guitarist. 1 day
Gangs of London 1 day
Reluctant Landlord. TV Series. 3 days
Harlots 3. TV Series. Core crowd. 3 days
Pennyworth. TV Series. 2 days.
The Crown. 2 days, photographer/reporter

Horrible Histories (film) Warrior. 7 days
Potomac (Jack Ryan film). 1 day
Untitled: Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film. 1 day.
Mother Father Son. Film. 1 day
Advert, Lemsip 1 day
Advert, Zalando 1 day
Turn Up Charlie. Film. 4 days
Music video. Boy George Culture Club. 1 day
Music video. (covered face) Beekeeper 1 day
Personal History of David Copperfield. A destitute. 1 day
Advert, (YouTube. dentist. (face covered) 1 day
Brittania Season 2. TV series. Celtic bartender. 4 days
Advert, Nike. Passer-by. 1day
Voyage Of Dr Doolittle. Film. Sailor. 2 days
Britannia. Season 2. TV series. Slave. 5 days
Mission Impossible 6: Fallout. Film. 1 day
A Private War. Film 1 day
EastEnders. TV soap. 1 day
A Private War. Film. 1 day
Harlots. TV Drama 5 days

Harlots. TV Drama 6 days
A Very English Scandal. Film,1 day.
Mary Queen of Scots. Film, 2 days
Zapped. TV comedy-drama. 5 days.
White Gold. TV drama 1 day
Bohemian Rhapsody. Film 2 days
Mama Mia 2. Film. 3 days
A Very English Scandal. Film.1 day
Peterloo. Film. 2 days
Stoptober. Advert 1 day
The Angel. 2 days
Holby City. 2 days
The Damned. TV comedy series. 1 day
The Miniaturist. Film 4 days.
Purge Of Thrones. Comedy. 3 days
The Current Wars. Film. 5 days
Fighting with My Family. TV drama comedy
The Current Wars. Film. 7 days
Disobedience. Film. 1970's Party scene; 1 day

On Chesil Beach. Film 2 days
Guerrilla: Idris Elba & John Ridley's TV comedy-drama. 2 days
Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool. Film. 1 day
White Princess. BBC drama Nobleman. 1 day
Amazon Adventure. Period-film. Gentleman 1 day
Taboo. Period-drama. Gentleman 2 days

2015 Tesco Xmas advert: shopper. 2 days
2015 Beauty & The Beast. Disney. Film, miming to songs: 29 days filming
2014 The Hollow Crown II. Henry VI Pt. II. Nobleman: 4 days.
2014 Tulip Fever. Film: 16th-century sailor, 4 days
2013 Horrible Histories: Villager, one day
2013 Legacy, BBC drama: Protester, one day
2012 The Hollow Crown 1. Henry IV Pt. I: BBC/Shakespeare production. 5 days.
2012 Green Flag Advert. Driver, with own car.
2012 Thor: The Dark World. Film. Asgardian Man. 3 days
2012 J.M.W. (William) Turner, documentary; Bedlam warden; 1 day.
2011 Snow White & Huntsman. Disney: 4 roles; Woodsman, Nobleman, Villager, Soldier; 12 days

Real TV: news interviews;
Three, over the years: one or two takes only, i.e. clear, coherent, lucid & unfazed, spontaneous & confident.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

2016 Model Photo shoot: Sun newspaper as Bob Geldof lookalike.

TV & Reality

TV news interviews; three times. One or two takes only, i.e. clear, coherent, lucid & unfazed, off the cuff & confident.
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