London, United Kingdom


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Working with Phoenix recently showed him to be a professional and highly reliable actor in my most recent horror short, two microshorts filmed in one night. Even under this tight timeframe, Phoenix created two believable and nightmarish characters, a charismatic Day of the Dead psycho and terrifying killer clown akin to one of the Droogs in Clockwork Orange. He is not just watchable and a great team player, but the camera loves him! Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Jun 12, 2018

A true professional

Recommended for Acting Jan 30, 2016

a scholar and a gentleman :)

Recommended for Acting Mar 6, 2015

Brilliant Actor loved working with him great man

Recommended for Acting Jun 23, 2014

A great person to work with...

Recommended for Acting May 4, 2014

Phoenix is a fantastic actor, model, director and producer. I have had the pleasure of working with him more than once and feel privileged to have been cast in his film. Very professional, driven and fun.

Recommended for Acting Apr 7, 2014

Phoenix was incredibly commited to the project and really got involved in the character. A pleasure to direct and a brilliant actor. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Mar 7, 2014

"Love Freely but Pay for Sex" Written Produced and Directed by Phoenix James.

Recommended for Acting Nov 16, 2013

Very professional. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Jun 25, 2013

Phoenix was an absolutely amazing actor to work with, giving it his all in everything that he did! Whether he was waiting around to be called or acting on set, he was always calm and collected. With skills ranging from acting to spoken voice overs, I would recommend Phoenix for any shoot. One of the best actors to work with. - Richard and Jack

Recommended for Acting Aug 20, 2012

Phoenix James, Very high recommend, very professional actor! Was nice to work with him on my Feature Spiritual Contact! Emerson Pinheiro

Recommended for Acting Dec 26, 2011

Phoenix was a pleasure to work with, he was very professional and strived to give a perfect performance with every take. He takes direction very well and I would definitely consider casting him again. Thank you Phoenix!

Recommended for Acting Apr 2, 2011

Phoenix has been an absolute star with a positive energy throughout the shoot. He is an actor to watch out for. Thank you Phoenix.

Recommended for Acting Nov 15, 2010

Really professional and a pleasure to work with...highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Oct 16, 2010

Phoenix was great to work with, took direction fast and with ease. He gave his all for our film, and it was more than we had hoped. We even extended his part because of this.

Recommended for Acting Sep 18, 2010

Very reliable and professional attitude. James came as Extras and end it up being a Walk On as one of our Hotel Guests (1) - DORA, feature film. Great look! Will look forward to work with him in the near future. AVAnti Productions & 28 FIlms Ltd.

Recommended for Acting Aug 11, 2010

Recommended for Acting Oct 15, 2017

Recommended for Acting Aug 7, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2017

Recommended for Casting Jun 8, 2017