Taniya K

Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew, Photographer, Stylist

London, United Kingdom
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Physical Details

172 cm / 5ft 8in
81 cm / 32in
64 kg / 140 lbs
86 cm / 34in
Dress Size:
11 - 10
81 cm / 32 in


  • Airbase : Airbrush Makeup Intermediate
  • Airbase : Airbrush Makeup
  • MAKEUP LONDON ACADEMY : Makeup Artist Tutor
  • TK ACADEMY : Hairstyling & Makeup Tutor
  • London School of Styling : Fashion Stylist
  • Re Model ME Consulting : Application of Micro-Ring Hair Extensions
  • Re Model ME Consulting : Application of Individual Eyelash Extensions
  • AZ LONDON ACADEMY : Accredited Five Day Bridal Make-Up Course
  • MAKEUP LONDON ACADEMY : Makeup Artist Tutor
  • Nails & Beauty Academy : Masters Diploma in Nail Technology
  • Illamasqua : Night Time Diva Make Up Course
  • i Browz Beauty Academy : Make Up Master Class
  • Nails & Beauty Academy : Masters Diploma in Nail Technology
  • Uzma Rafiq Hair Academy : Hairstyling (accredited certificate achieved)
  • Ash Kumar Henna Academy (accredited certificate achieved) : Qualified at Foundation, Intermidiate, Advance & Master in Henna
  • Lubna Rafiq Academy : Accredited Five Day Bridal Hairstyling & Make-Up Course


Acting experience


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Pakistani

  • UK English

I have:
- Been an extra (speaking role) for mocumentary 'The Other Way is Southall'
- Been an extra for a student film called 'Anna'
- Been an extra for a TV show called ' Dickinson's Real Deal'
- Been an extra for a Bollywood film called 'Bhagam Bhag'
- Been an extra for a TV drama documentary film called 'Britz' (written and directed by BAFTA winning director Peter Kosminsky and screened by Channel 4 in 2007)


Extras experience

Previous extras experience


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have done modeling for charity catwalk shows and promotional assignments.
I have been a model for Climate Fashion Week at Earls Court Ideal Home Show 2012.
I have been a finalist for Carnival Queen in my local area where I had to take part in a few modeling assignments and talk in front of a large panel and an audience.

TV & Reality

Private clients: various bridal, special occasion, photoshoot makeovers - August 2010 to present

*makeup for Tazzz "EPIC DREAMS" - May 2017
*makeup for Tazzz Ft. Jay Kaydn "FAILURE" - March 2017
*makeup for Tazzz "CRYING OUT" - August 2016
*makeup for Zaide Ft. Mumzy Stranger "DON'T YOU EVER CHANGE"- December 2014
*makeup & hairstyling for Rita Morar Ft. Maan - October 2014
*makeup for A-Thin Ft. Dr Zeus "BEWAFA" - August 2014
*makeup & hairstyling for Immi Ft. Priti "ISHQ" - August 2014
*makeup & hairstyling for Tazzz Ft. Raxstar & Rita Morar "TEARDROPS UNPLUGGED" - June 2014
*makeup for Menis Ft. Parichay "TERE PYAR MEIN" - March 2014
*makeup & hairstyling for Tazzz Ft. Raxstar & Rita Morar "TEARDROPS" - February 2014
*makeup & hairstyling for Tazzz & Immi Ft. Surinder Rattan "SHUTDOWN" - December 2013
*makeup for Manni Sandhu's "FRIDAY" - August 2013
*makeup & stylist for "FIRE" by Immi Ft. TaZzZ - June 2013
*makeup for "VISHWAAS" by Bilal Shahid - June 2013
*makeup & photographer for "GUILTY" by Reece West - May 2013
*makeup for "JHOOM (Steel Banglez Remix)" by TazZz, Words Ali, Menis, Raxstar & Immi - March 2013
*makeup for "JHOOM" by TazZz ft Words Ali, Menis & Immi - December 2012
*makeup for "JAISE MERA PYAAR" by Bilal Shahid - October 2012
*makeup for "LIGHTS GO OUT" by Sara ft. Raxstar - October 2012
*makeup for "WE MADE IT" by PoshBwoy & Natassie -September 2012
*makeup/hair for "FLIRT" by Raxstar & DJ Surinder Rattan - August 2012
*makeup on everyone in PoshBwoy & Pierre Lewis's "REMEMBER I TOLD YAH" - February 2012
*makeup on everyone in Nevaeh's video "DRUNK IN THE SPIRIT" - January 2012
*makeup for extras in Romy Shay ft. Shilpa Shetty's "BOLLYWOOD STAR" video - July 2011
*makeup/hairstyling for extras in Rebler & Benny Bizzie's "FLYWEAR" - June 2011
*makeup/hairstyling for Lady Shivz "YOU SAID" on everyone featured in the video - May 2011

*official hairstylist & makeup artist for 'Triple Crown Pageant' - June 2017
*official hairstylist & makeup artist for 'Miss/Mr Commonwealth Pageant' - November 2016
*makeup/hairstyling on selected models at 'Miss UK Supranational' - July 2014
*makeup/hairstyling on selected models at 'Miss Soniye Pageant' - April 2011
*make up at the 'Melange Factor' live music competition - May 2011

*makeup for Gaana Rajas at Newham Mela (stage performance) - August 2013
*head makeup & hairstyling at 'Desi Dhamaka' concert - March 2013
*make up for Neveah's Angel & Gospel Singer Mahali Selepe at FaithWorld Tv (Sky 593) - February 2012
*make up for Burban Singers (Raxstar and Bilal Shahid) Promotion Materials - February 2012
*make up on the actors at the theatre show 'WIZARD OF OZ PANTOMIME' - January 2012
*make up/hair styling for the cast of 'The Other Way Is Southall' series1 to be aired in 2012 - October- December 2011
*make up on 'Girls United' for the TV advert 'The National Reality TV Awards' - June 2011
*make up on the actors at the theatre show 'DON'T STOP THE MUSIC' - May 2011


Dancing ability


Film & Stage Crew

*head stylist (makeup/hairstyling) for House of iKons LFW - February 2017
*head stylist (makeup/hairstyling) for House of iKons LFW - September 2016
*head stylist (makeup/hairstyling) for House of iKons LFW - September 2015
*head stylist (makeup/hairstyling) for House of iKons LFW - February 2015
*head stylist (makeup/hairstyling) for House of iKons LFW - September 2014
*head makeup artist & hairstylist for Urban Muslim Woman Show - June 2014
*head makeup artist for Weddings of Asia PFW6 London - 30th May & 1st June 2014
*head makeup & hairstylist for The Fashion & Beauty Show - March 2014
*makeup artist at EKO Moroccan Fashion Show - January 2014
*head makeup & hairstyling for Mary Zreik's Collection - January 2014
*makeup artist & hairstylist for Miss Sri Lanka Italy - December 2013
*head makeup & hairstylist at Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe - November 2013
*head makeup artist & hairstylist for Pakistan Fashion Week 5 London - November 2013
*head makeup/hairstyling for The Angels of Fashion LFW - September 2013
*head makeup & hairstylist for La ART De La MODE - September 2013
*head hairstylist & makeup artist for Urban Fashion Week UK - September 2013
*head makeup artist for Pakistan Fashion Week 4 London - June 2013
*head makeup artist for Urban Muslim Women Show - June 2013
*head makeup artist for Pakistan Fashion Week 3 London - November 2012
*head makeup artist for LFW O/S Yes Fashion - September 2012
*makeup at The Collection for a Catwalk Show - September 2012
*head makeup artist for Urban Fashion Week - September 2012
*head hairstylist & makeup artist for BMoP Fashion Show - April 2012
*makeup for Earls Court Ideal Home Show - March 2012
*makeup/hairstyling for NATALIYA DOLENKO Collection Show - March 2012
*makeup for LFW 2012 Off Schedule Fashion Show Mayfair - February 2012
*makeup/hairstyling for 'Miss India UK Finalist Fashionista Relief' - January 2012
*styling assistant for 'Dilemma Agency's Fashion Frenzy Event (Children in Need) - November 2011
*makeup for 'Styling Says' catwalk show at Earls Court Ideal Home Show - November 2011
*head hairstylist & makeup artist for 'Daminis Dinner & Dance' catwalk show - September 2011
*head makeup artist for 'LDW 2012 Collection Show' - September 2011
*makeup at the 'Fame & Fashion Show Event' - July 2011
*makeup at the 'International Families Gala Event' for Celebrity designers: Sienna Miller, Emma Burton, Samantha Shaw & Leonie Porter - May 2011
*makeup on the models at the 6th form fashion show - May 2011
*head makeup artist for 'All Thingz Nice' catwalk show - March 2011


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

Photography website


I work part time as a photographer please see https://www.facebook.com/TaniyaKhanPhotography for more of my work.


I am a qualified Fashion Stylist. I studied at the London School of Styling as well as having a portfolio to show if needed.

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