Lindy Pieri

Lindy Pieri Pro

Norwich, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Lindy is fantastic in portraying a great variety of personalities. Also very professional in her apporach.

Recommended for Actor Dec 4, 2018

Lindy is an incredible person, she was an absolute delight to work with and always brings 110% to all her roles. An outstanding actress.

Recommended for Actor Nov 29, 2018

Lindy was very professional, creative and engaging. I highly recommend her.

Recommended for Influencers Nov 24, 2018

I worked with lindi on a Jack the ripper shoot and it was a real pleasure working with her she is such an amazing lady and very professional what she does

Recommended for Actor Nov 10, 2018

Very active and hard working. Lindy is willing to choose almost any role.

Recommended for Actor Oct 27, 2018

Invited for a magazine interview with Fashion Project LIVE, a very ambitious model who will bring great things to the industry.

Recommended for Model Sep 19, 2018

Very nice person:)

Recommended for Actor Sep 16, 2018

Easy to work with in a professional way.

Recommended for Actor Sep 10, 2018

Professional, easy to work, and takes direction well.

Recommended for Actor Sep 10, 2018

classy lovely lady.

Recommended for Actor Sep 1, 2018

Lindy is a kind friendly and professional person. Highly recommended as a talented experienced Artist. Best wishes Elle Jones

Recommended for Actor Aug 10, 2018

Lindy is amazing and has such a versatile look, love all of your photos - highly recommended

Recommended for Model Jul 28, 2018

A supportive and kind asset to the creative industry!

Recommended for Actor Jul 24, 2018

Fantastic work as my mother in Our Town! Would recommend!

Recommended for Actor Jul 19, 2018

An outstanding work record in just a small amount of time.bravo Lindi

Recommended for Actor May 4, 2018

Lindy was the ultimate pro when I used her for my drama series. Punctual, polite, easy going and very well rehearsed. Her performance was above what I could have ever hoped for and she really brought the character to life resulting in an outstanding performance. Highly recommend Lindy.

Recommended for Actor Apr 30, 2018

Acted alongside Lindy twice recently on two different projects. She has a great personality and lots of energy. Would be happy to work with her again.

Recommended for Actor Apr 29, 2018

Lindy is an amazing woman to work with.. she is professional, knowledgable, versatile and has a striking face ...

Recommended for Actor Apr 18, 2018

Great Profile and look, Highly Recommend!

Recommended for Actor Feb 20, 2018

very sweet, amazing person

Recommended for Actor Feb 1, 2018

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