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Sam Meets the Motivators

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Two Fathers

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Son's reaction

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  • "Coconut" : Peter Smith (director: Mustapha Kseibati, BBC Three)
  • "The Importance of Being Earnest" : Dr Chasuble/Lane (director: Helen Crosse, Shooting Stars Theatre Company)
  • "Allied" : Home Guard (director: Robert Zemeckis, GK Films/ImageMovers/Paramount Pictures)
  • "NIIT Interactive Training" : Dr Huang (voice) (2002 Studios Media)
  • "The Crown" : Telephonist Supervisor (director: Julian Jarrold, Left Bank Pictures/Sony Pictures Television/Netflix)
  • "Twelfth Night" : Antonio/Valentine (director: Benjamin Blyth, Malachite Theatre Company)
  • "Their Finest Hour and a Half" : Hospital patient (director: Lone Scherfig, BBC Films/Number 9 Films/Wildgaze Films)
  • "Apocalypse Slough" : Vatican official (director: Michael Engler, Bigballs Films/Working Title TV for Sky 1)
  • "King Lear" : Duke of Albany (director: Benjamin Blyth, Malachite Theatre Company)
  • "Jardiance Diabetes" : GP (director: Millie Cortizo, Media-Spaces/B I Lilly)
  • "Now You See Me: The Second Act" : Case Tech Team (director: Jon M. Chu, Lionsgate)
  • "Othello" : Duke of Venice/Gratiano (director: Benjamin Blyth, Malachite Theatre Company)
  • "Atrial Fibrillation" : Voice-over (director: Claudia Lee, Kartoffel Films/Stroke Association)
  • "A Midsummer Night's Dream" : Peter Quince (director: Benjamin Blyth, Malachite Theatre Company)
  • "Youth" : Concert audience (director: Paolo Sorrentino, Indigo Film/Medusa)
  • "Richard II" : Lord Ross/Abbot of Westminster (director: Benjamin Blyth, Malachite Theatre Company)
  • "Avengers: Age of Ultron" : Shopper/Office Worker (director: Joss Whedon, Marvel Studios)
  • "Bletchley Park" : Commander Saunders (director: Peter Key, Elbow Productions)
  • "Woman in Gold" : Airline passenger (director: Simon Curtis, BBC Films/The Weinstein Company)
  • "Pride" : Passerby (director: Matthew Warchus, Calamity Films)
  • "The Merchant of Venice" : Antonio (director: Benjamin Blyth, Malachite Theatre Company)
  • "Downton Abbey" series 5 : Restaurant diner (Carnival Productions/ITV)
  • "The Hound of the Baskervilles" : Jack Stapleton (director: Claire Malcomson, Enter Stage Right)
  • "Downton Abbey" series 4, Christmas special : Honourable Corps of Gentlemen (director: Jon East, Carnival Productions/ITV)
  • "Breathless" : Cafe customer (director: Philippa Langdale, ITV Productions)
  • "Some Girls" (series 2) : Teacher (director: Adam Miller, Hat Trick/BBC Three)
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Art : Introduction to Acting (part-time, short course)
  • "The Valleys - Press Conference" : TV cameraman (MTV)
  • "Between" : Dr Aiden Cooper (director: Ed Baxter, Resonance FM)
  • PG Tips TV commercial : Commuter (director: Steve Bendelack)
  • "Knowledge Network Future News" : Eric (corporate, director: Michael Rehberg, McKinsey & Company)
  • "Scream of the Butterfly" : George (director: Victor Sobchak, Theatre Collection/Lord Stanley)
  • "FilterMaster" : Voice-over (T-70 Audio Visual for Applied Filtration Ltd)
  • "A Town and Country Murder" : Mark Price (director: Michael Rees, Flame Television for Crime & Investigation Network)
  • "Party Time" : Gavin (stage, director: Julia Lewis, Morley College)
  • "Eleven Eyes" Heights (music video) : Scientist (director: Elliott Williams, Kode Media Ltd/Transcend Music)
  • "Mountain Language" : Army Officer (stage, director: Julia Lewis, Morley College)
  • "The Shadow Formula" : Professor Clark (stage, director: David R. Roberts, Theatrica Ludos)
  • "Some Girls" (series 1) : Christian Teacher (director: Adam Miller, Hat Trick/BBC Three)
  • "Friday Night Dinner" : Man in car (director: Steve Bendelack, Big Talk Productions/Channel 4)
  • "Betfair" : Extra (pub), commercial
  • "Lost and Found" : Colin (director: Ashley Cooke, University of Westminster Film School)
  • "Creon Case Studies" : Peter (director: Sebastian Morrison, Shoot the Company)
  • Morley College : Acting Studio, tutors Dominic Grant and Julia Lewis
  • Morley College : Acting Studio, tutors Dominic Grant and Julia Lewis
  • The Actors Centre : Introduction to Acting
  • ••••••••••••••••• : •••••••••••••••••
  • "Distraction Burglary" : Michael (director: Cliff Edwards, Edwards Creative Media)
  • "Come On" Will Young video : Dalmation Owner (director: Chris Sweeney, Blink Productions)
  • "Hit the Road Jack" (Jack Whitehall) : Dad (director: Chris Faith, Magnum TV for Channel 4 Television)
  • "Lessons In Lifesaving" : David (director: Nick Cohen, Late Night Pictures)
  • "Flight Plan Pensions" : Boffin (director: Thom Wood, 3angrymen Productions for Schroeders)
  • "Epic Win" : Barry Birdwatcher (director: Gemma Rawcliffe, BBC Entertainment for BBC ONE)
  • "The Devil's Daughter" : Tour Guide (radio drama, director: John Bate Oben, University of Westminster)
  • "The Mad Bad Ad Show" : Pet Lingerie sketch (director: Andy Welch, Objective Productions for Channel 4 Television)
  • "You've Been Scammed" : Romance scam victim (director: Ben Barnett/Flame Television for BBC ONE)
  • "i-Can" : Oliver (interviewer) (writer/director: Antonio Ribeiro, short film)
  • "Epic Win" : Transformer Man (director: Jim Hickey, BBC Entertainment for BBC ONE)
  • "Latte" : Steve (director: Tim Dayman, short film, Eye|Spy Pictures)
  • "Eddy Dreamt" : Gilligan Spires (director: Jim Cross, Bournemouth University)
  • "Good Together" : Bob Hopeless (director: Michael Wright/Sculpting Skies for Whitbread)
  • "Sam Meets the Motivators" : Maths Teacher (lead) (director: Jo Sutton/
  • "Two Fathers" : Peter (lead) (director: Craig Bennett, LSBU)
  • "Practise" Santander commercial : Golf fan (WCRS & Co, creative agency)
  • "Morrisons" seasonal TV commercial : Fruit picker (DLKW Lowe for Morrisons)
  • "Harry" : Derek (lead) (director: Martina Lopez)
  • "Reflections" : Son (director: Sophia Anwar, Met Film School)
  • "The Warm-Up Guy" : Extra (Game Show audience) Running Bare Pictures/Channel 4
  • "The Lovely Monster" : Doctor (director: Jonni Remmler, Westminster Film School)
  • “Meet Me on the Hill” : Vicar (director: Gavin Foden)
  • “Grey Matter” : Extra (neighbour) (dir: Ben Dixon, production company: Musser Leghorn)
  • "Mid-life Health Check" : Patient (director: Jo Sutton, NHS Barking & Dagenham)
  • "Libraries" : Library user (director: Tiana Gibbons, CCN Europe)
  • "Food Groups" : Man in the Street (dir: Tom Saunders, nutrition video, Food Standards Agency)
  • “18 Weeks” NHS campaign (video) : Patient having MRI scan (director: Colin Platt, production company: The Life Channel for NHS)
  • "Newcastle PCT Launch" : Voice-over (NHS/The Life Channel)
  • "Handy Van Fitter" : Voice-over (video for Help the Aged)
  • "Chelsea PCT Launch" : Voice-over (NHS/The Life Channel)
  • "Oi You Kids!" : Danny (director: Dan Garrett, BBC Schools Radio)

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