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Lincoln, United Kingdom


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Great profile well driven...recommend to any casting professional...

Recommended for Actor Dec 13, 2017

very sweet

Recommended for Actor Dec 13, 2017

Alice has been a joy to work with throughout the production. She is always keen to learn more about her character and isn't shy about asking for additional direction, especially on some of the more difficult scenes. Alice is very reliable and understands the need to act off camera even when the focus is on other cast members.

Recommended for Actor Dec 7, 2011

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I had the chance of meeting Alice during Celebration of Musicals where she and her friend Ellie sang three songs from Wicked, Alice is a talented child, full of passion. She is very committed and I would recommend her to other projects.

Recommended for Actor Apr 13, 2011

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Alice worked extremely well on the project and behaved maturely throughout. She was a pleasure to have in the studio, she was very polite and got on well with all the other actors well. Her performance was exceptional as she managed to convey a character with alot of dimentions extremely competently. It was clear to us that she had a great range of acting ability and she will go on to do great things in the future. We would definitely use Alice in any future projects that needed a young actress and would recommend her to anyone else looking for the same.

Recommended for Actor Mar 17, 2011

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Recommended for Actor Apr 5, 2018

Recommended for Actor Oct 23, 2017

Recommended for Actor Sep 16, 2017