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Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom


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Very honest and professional person, like a gold nugget in the current society - comes across with absolute naked truth and bedazzles with its magic. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Actor May 24, 2020

My 2nd time working with Ross, and he is such a delight to work with. Very friendly, responsive and professional. It's a pleasure to be a VO part of his fantasy web production, 'The Series of Mana'. I genuinely look forward to any opportunity to work with Ross again.

Recommended for Casting May 21, 2020

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Very Helpful and good to work with. Would recommend.

Recommended for Actor May 10, 2020

Ross made a great and swift contribution to my online video and Podcast. Good facial expressions.

Recommended for Actor May 4, 2020

Ross is terrific in all meanings of the word. He's a delight to work with and everything you can ask for in a professional; he's punctual, provides excellent quality work and cares passionately about it too. I'm excited to work with Ross frequently going forward.

Recommended for Actor May 1, 2020

Ross was very professional, set reasonable deadlines, and provided feedback on voice-over recordings. I would be happy to work with him again!

Recommended for Casting Apr 30, 2020

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Ross is in the 'No Bad Vibes' music video as an Extra. He showed huge interest to be part of it, filmed what was requested like a true professional he is. Definitely takes directions easily, is creative and organised. He is passionate about the industry and it shows, his good vibes and communication skills are brilliant. I am Happy to say that I HIGHLY recommend Ross for Any production. He will NOT let you down. Thank you for being in the music video for 'No Bad Vibes'. Best Regards - Mario

Recommended for Extra Apr 27, 2020

Very fluid & instinctive working experience.

Recommended for Actor Apr 22, 2020

Very promising acting talent!

Recommended for Actor Apr 21, 2020

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Ross has been a joy to work with and I thoroughly recommend working with him. He is a good communicator - he gave clear directions for the voice work required in submitting for the role and followed through on his promise to credit the work. All in all a very pleasing experience. Many thanks!

Recommended for Casting Apr 21, 2020

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Ross was very clear in the direction of what was required of me as a voice actor. The whole process of submission, recording and feed-back was completed promptly and professionally. Many thanks, Ross!

Recommended for Casting Apr 19, 2020

Ross was very thorough in the casting instructions and made the process very clear and very easy. It was an absolute pleasure and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Recommended for Casting Apr 19, 2020

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Great to work with. Clear instructions and very professional. Many thanks!

Recommended for Casting Apr 19, 2020

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My first time working with Ross was for his web series; 'The Series of Mana'. He provided clear direction and imagery of the character, which made my job of providing the voice work, fun and easy. Hard working, polite and generous; I highly recommend Ross!

Recommended for Casting Apr 17, 2020

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This is the second time I've worked with Ross. His communications are prompt and direction and instructions are very clear. An absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Casting Apr 17, 2020

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Incredibly efficient and easy to communicate with. An absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your work.

Recommended for Casting Apr 15, 2020

Ross is very professional and responds promptly to all communications. He is excellent in his direction and I am delighted to be a part of his projects.

Recommended for Casting Apr 14, 2020

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Professional and punctual. A great asset to the project and any filmmaker. Always a pleasure.

Recommended for Actor Mar 31, 2020

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Professional, dependable, easy to get along with and a true talent.

Recommended for Actor Mar 27, 2020

Ross is professional, organised and efficient. He knows how to pull together complex productions and how to inspire and work with talent. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Casting Mar 21, 2020

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