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CP = Casting Professional

Very open and full of love. Liking forward to lots of work

Recommended for Model Apr 22, 2018

They sent me a message 11 hours after I applied and they chose me to be in the top final

Recommended for Model Apr 17, 2018

Hi, thankyou again for accepting me to be apart of finalists of model 2018 for April. Thanks Tony Williams

Recommended for Model Dec 21, 2017

I would tell anyone to give this a shot!! I had an amazing time & just made me want to become a professional model even more!! You where both amazing & so welcoming.. thank you for this opportunity, hopefully more to come with a big career kick off.. x

Recommended for Model Jul 17, 2017

Thank you for great evening.!!! I really enjoyed the event.

Recommended for Model Jul 17, 2017

Unbelievable competition, very professional and very good direction to take if you want a modelling career!

Recommended for Model Jul 17, 2017

It was good experience and made modelling competition very interesting and fun.

Recommended for Casting May 25, 2017

Thankyou to Model search for giving me this opportunity to enter their competition. Look forward to many more

Recommended for Musician May 18, 2017

I've been daceing now since I was 5 I'd allso like to model I still dance would love my future to be model in

Recommended for Musician Apr 20, 2017

First time working with Model search uk! Amazing event and everyone so helpful and friendly! Highly recommend!!!

Recommended for Model Apr 18, 2017

amazing day too remember i would tell anyone too do model search UK because its a good opportunity

Recommended for Model Apr 14, 2017

Really good!

Recommended for Model Apr 12, 2017

Ellie is age 10 and dances, performs and sings and is starting out modelling x

Recommended for Musician Aug 8, 2016

It doesn't matter who you are what you look like they will still give you an opportunity

Recommended for Model Feb 8, 2016

My beautiful girl zara help her to becume a model pls thanku xxx

Recommended for Actor Dec 13, 2015

Brilliant :)

Recommended for Actor Nov 26, 2015

This would be my dream come true

Recommended for Model Aug 9, 2015


Recommended for Model Jun 1, 2015


Recommended for Model Mar 14, 2015

I started my modelling career not too long ago and this is something I'm really working on, modelling is my passion and I would do anything to become a professional model one day. I'm willing to put all the effort that is needed.

Recommended for Model Nov 20, 2014

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