Martina Lopez

Martina Lopez

Guildford, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Straight forward, knew what she wanted and was a great pleasure working with. Took direction and handled pressure very well.

Recommended for Actor Jul 31, 2018

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I worked with Martina for a wedding shoot and she did a splendid job to capture the footage and take some photos.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Apr 24, 2017

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Martina is a pleasure to work with and a great actress. She commits herself to the role and integrates herself into the team. I would happily work with her again.

Recommended for Actor Dec 10, 2015

Punctual, Reliable and very adaptable. Played the role given very well. Martina would be number one on my casting list for my next productions.

Recommended for Actor Jan 27, 2014

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Working with Martina was a pleasure. If you need an actor you can't go wrong with her.

Recommended for Actor Nov 8, 2013

Recommended for Actor Oct 22, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jul 29, 2016

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Recommended for Actor Jul 21, 2016

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Recommended for Actor Mar 25, 2014

Recommended for Actor Feb 14, 2014

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Recommended for Actor Nov 30, 2013

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