Erick Hayden

Erick Hayden Pro

Guildford, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Erick is an exceptional actor. He worked on our trailer for the book 'Of Our Own Device' and did an amazing job playing Joe. Erick is one of those guys who just has a great presence and can make even the most tragic dialogue come off cool and suave. Great actor, can't recommend him enough and hope to work with him again in the future.

Recommended for Actor Aug 23, 2018

Erick is an incredible actor who was an absolute joy to work with. He handled every scene and sequence with originality and flare as well as with overwhelming enthusiasm and attention to detail. Having the chance to work with Erick gave my art project an extra special touch which a no-dialogue media project really needs to sell itself to an audience. As an independent, low budget filmmaker and artist, it is always great to get the opportunity to work with such a professional. Especially one who gives so much respect to the craft and honestly cares about the quality of the work produced. I hope that his incredible enthusiasm and ability provides those who attend my art exhibit's workshops with insight into what a professional actor can be.

Recommended for Actor Mar 29, 2018

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A very professional actor a pleasure to work with

Recommended for Actor Nov 24, 2016

Erick was very professional, with a real interest in his character and a desire to understand what made him tick. He had great screen presence and delivered his lines with gravitas, making that scene the best in the whole movie.

Recommended for Actor Jan 28, 2016

Great emotional actor

Recommended for Actor Jan 8, 2015

Unfortunately our script changed and the role we wanted Erick for was no longer necessary. We were however very impressed with the read/casting and look forward to a future opportunity to work with Erick.

Recommended for Actor Sep 10, 2014

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Recommended for Actor Oct 22, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jun 15, 2017

Recommended for Actor May 2, 2016

Recommended for Actor Sep 24, 2014

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Recommended for Actor May 6, 2014

Recommended for Actor Jul 24, 2013

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