Patrick Parkinson

Patrick Parkinson

Manchester, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Pat is a great producer & director & script writer. Excellent direction & attention to detail.

Recommended for Producer May 20, 2018

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Patrick is very down too earth and easy too work with he made my experience working with him fun and relaxed he is good at giving direction and would love too work with him again very professional and would definitely recommend!

Recommended for Casting May 13, 2018

Really professional and nice guy, makes the mood enlightening and makes his vision clear to who he is working with.

Recommended for Writer & Director May 11, 2018

Patrick was really friendly and approachable, and gave snappy, clear direction. The shoot was so much fun! I would definitely recommend working with him, and would love to work with him again!

Recommended for Casting Jul 17, 2017

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I worked with Patrick this week on his series crooked valley ...he is a great director making the most of the tools he has to create an entertaining show . Would happily do more with this guy and he's destined for bigger things

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jul 1, 2017

It was great to work with Patrick recently. He clearly knew what he wanted, and managed to get it really quickly. He kept all the filming really tight, and kept to the audition and filming times really well. No unnecessary hanging around. Would be really happy to work with him again. Many thanks Patrick...

Recommended for Casting Feb 5, 2017

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It's really great to work in Pats project really astonished with his film making skills and his crew/ actors management ability. Highly recommended

Recommended for Casting Dec 13, 2016

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Patrick was great fun to work with and gave me a fun part in the film. Great at directing the cast.

Recommended for Casting Nov 1, 2016

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Top man. Brilliant to work with

Recommended for Casting Oct 13, 2016

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Patrick is one of the best guys I've come across to work with. His energy and enthusiasm is something you have to admire. He's always on the move. Gets things filmed good then dome. No messing around. And that's how I like to work. Would highly recommend him for future success

Recommended for Casting Aug 25, 2016

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Talented talented guy absolutely loved working with Patrick and can't wait to work with him again very soon. Would highly recommend as. Professional. Embrace his visions I did and it's created amazing results

Recommended for Casting Aug 19, 2016

Patrick is very fast in his work , know what he wants and easy to work with. Thank you for having me on board :)

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jul 11, 2016

Great guy to work for. Very professional and doesn't mess around either its filmed and done with which is the way I like personally to do things

Recommended for Casting Jul 10, 2016

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Fab time with Patrick ! Easy going but totally focused. A pleasure to work with .

Recommended for Casting Jul 8, 2016

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Great guy to act for

Recommended for Casting Apr 15, 2016

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Worked briefly on a small part for "Crooked Valley" with Patrick and loved his enthusiasm and professionalism, would definately work with him again.

Recommended for Casting Feb 12, 2016

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i worked with patrick on crooked valley, he was very easy to work with and i would love to work for him again one day approchable happy and very friendly.

Recommended for Casting Feb 2, 2016

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Patrick was great to work with, easy, flexible and apprachable and love to work with again and would definately push others also to say "yes"....

Recommended for Casting Jan 20, 2016

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Fantastic Director. Works quickly and precisely. Knows exactly what he wants and articulates this clearly and patiently. Highly recommended :-)

Recommended for Casting Nov 24, 2015

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good man to know , he'll do well if he ever sends me a script

Recommended for Casting Aug 3, 2015

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