Abayomi Oniyide

Abayomi Oniyide Pro

London, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Abayomi is fantastic to work with - we worked for two months on a tour of Windrush Square. He is creative, open minded and flexible in the rehearsal room and onstage. He's easy to get on with and a real pleasure to work alongside. His commitment to the production and character was inspiring and brought everyone's performances up a notch with his ability to bounce off of and react spontaneously to other actors.

Recommended for Actor Nov 1, 2018

Two Thumbs Up!

Recommended for Actor Aug 20, 2018

Great actor!

Recommended for Actor Jul 19, 2018

StarNow Verified

It was my pleasure to work with such a great guy, a brilliant actor and so professional. Warm nature and listens well to direction. Highly recommend him for any roles.

Recommended for Actor May 11, 2018

Was a pleasure to work with and I would recommened him for any future shots

Recommended for Actor Apr 19, 2018

StarNow Verified

Great and professional actor that can preform a wide range of emotions and roles. Thoroughly recommend for any project in the future.

Recommended for Actor Mar 25, 2018

StarNow Verified

Great time working with Abayomi, very good actor I can really see him going places with his craft, a joy to work with him onset.

Recommended for Actor Mar 20, 2018

Amazing actor highly professional would love to work with him agian his monologue killed it honestly unbelievable people

Recommended for Actor Mar 16, 2018

Very professional work ethic and attitude. Great to work with, highly recommend !

Recommended for Actor Mar 13, 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Abayomi on 2 projects & he has an excellent sense of professionalism & fun and very good diversity as an actor. An asset to any upcoming production!

Recommended for Actor Jan 28, 2018

Really professional and passionate artist!! Good to work with

Recommended for Actor Jan 3, 2018

Confident in his approach, genuin guy, pleasure to work with on set

Recommended for Actor Sep 5, 2017

Nice profile mate keep up the good work ??

Recommended for Actor Aug 3, 2017

Very humble guy, get along with him really well, great and versatile actor and will hopefully go on to have a great career on whatever path he chooses in the industry

Recommended for Actor Jul 17, 2017

really great actor and will be working with him again...thanks and well done on a good job...losing ace music video

Recommended for Actor Jul 16, 2017

Abayomi was a great communicator, just what you need when producing a job! He was great on set, gelled well with the team and excelled in what we asked of him. Would highly recommend!

Recommended for Actor May 9, 2017

StarNow Verified

Great hard working reliable actor. Keep up the hard work Highly recommend

Recommended for Actor Jan 28, 2017

Great actor to work with, improved really well as we didn't have an official script!

Recommended for Actor Jan 26, 2017

StarNow Verified

Thanks for the follow. Do return the recommendation. Thanks!

Recommended for Actor Jan 17, 2017

Incredible actor with a power behind his performances. Always a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jan 16, 2017

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