Emma Bryant

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London, United Kingdom


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Incredibly professional, polite and outgoing on set! 100% recommend!!

Recommended for Actor Feb 23, 2020

Impressively reliable and brought a lot of great energy to the project. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Actor Dec 16, 2019

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Emma is an absolute pleasure to work with. She works the camera well, and performs her role with the upmost professionalism. She is friendly and has a great personality. It was a pleasure working with her, and I would be more than happy to work with her again.

Recommended for Actor Dec 3, 2019

As you can tell from my previous recommendations, I have worked with Emma many times, and have done so considerably more since my previous recommendation a year ago. These have included taking on a lead role as an half-elven Princess in a fantasy web series, and being a cast member for the 5th Series of web comedy sketch show, "The Faction of Farce." Always a natural, easy to direct, so enthusiastic, and a positive force on set. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Apr 14, 2019

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Emma is professional pleasant and punctual. It was lovely collaborating with her and we managed to get some really good pics! Insta @makeupbyjasmua

Recommended for Model Mar 10, 2019

Emma is an incredible actress. Professional and polite, absolute pleasure to work with highly recommended. Looking forward to working with her in the future :-)

Recommended for Actor Mar 9, 2019

Emma turned up early and performed really well. We ended up with a good shoot. I would like to work with her again.

Recommended for Actor May 19, 2018

I worked with Emma for the 2nd time today when I cast her to play herself within the context of a comedy fan film based on an 80's sitcom. Emma is punctual, professional, and always give a very high calibre performance. Wordperfect, easy to direct, and gets on all with cast members. I adore working with Emma, and hope to do so again someday.

Recommended for Actor Mar 31, 2018

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Emma appeared in one sketch of my web sketch show series "The Faction of Farce" playing the role of a woman who believed she was her most perfect form in reincarnation. Arrived on time, learnt her lines without a hitch, and very very easy to direct and work with. Completely understood the character and delivered a fantastic A performance. I am so pleased to have had the chance to work with her. Has all the tools to be one of the top comedy actresses with the right exposure. Plus, worked through a cold with no hint of deterioration in performance when it came to hitting record. V. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor May 14, 2017

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I've just been working with Emma on the audio for a fictional podcast called 'If Cain were Abel’, which will also be animated in the future. She performed her role brilliantly on this project, and she took direction well. Her approach to acting makes it is clear that she is very passionate about her craft and that she is committed to delivering the best performance possible.

Recommended for Actor Jan 30, 2017

I worked with Emma on a comedy sketch with Star Galaxy Productions and Shaydz Productions, and she was an absolute star. Not only is she professional, she is friendly and easy going, such a naturally talented person! I cannot wait to work with her again!

Recommended for Actor Dec 22, 2016

Great actress learnt all the script prior to shoot, would recomment to anyone!

Recommended for Actor Dec 17, 2016

I recently worked with Emma on a 'Film Noir' Detective feature and found her to be a wonderful person and actress. She's a ball of fun to be around and works tirelessly to achieve her best at whatever she does. Absolutely recommend her as an artist who will bring laughter, creativity and talent to any project she touches.

Recommended for Casting Dec 17, 2016

Emma was a pleasure to work with on our show. She was confident and very professional on camera. Extremely funny and full of personality. She will go far with her career!

Recommended for Actor Nov 28, 2016

I did some video work for Emma she had done great ideas and was very friendly and professional

Recommended for Actor Aug 17, 2016

Emma was a great extra on my short film shoot - professional, prompt, took direction well and was a great performer in the party scene! She brought a nice sense of team spirit to the shoot and I would work with her again without hesitation.

Recommended for Actor Aug 3, 2016

Emma was great to work with. Had a professional attitude on set and arrived knowing what had been discussed.

Recommended for Actor Feb 26, 2016

Excellent to work with

Recommended for Actor Jan 29, 2016

Recommended for Actor Dec 5, 2017

Recommended for Actor Nov 27, 2017