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London, United Kingdom


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Easy to work with, takes good direction & has a positive attitude.

Recommended for Extra Jan 17, 2019

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Kenny is a great guy to work with he is full of energy and he has an amazing look that is suitable for any role !

Recommended for Model Jul 5, 2018

Muti talented man right here. He’s destined from great things. Keep aiming high and never stop reaching for the stars.

Recommended for Actor Apr 7, 2018

Kenny profile is impressive he looks like a great actor n would recommend to anyone very impressed with his profile

Recommended for Actor Mar 27, 2018

Extremely talented man . Superstar

Recommended for Actor Mar 25, 2018

Great guy

Recommended for Actor Mar 4, 2018

Great Profile, Highly Recommend!!

Recommended for Actor Feb 19, 2018

Professional hard worker with great drive and focus.

Recommended for Actor Dec 15, 2017

Nice job, keep going. All the best.

Recommended for Actor Nov 27, 2017

Talented Diverse actor

Recommended for Musician Nov 19, 2017

I recommended this Man.He has one of the higher profile I have ever seen here.TipTop Kenny! I like the way you move on.You are a Star?? Now!

Recommended for Actor Nov 13, 2017

I never knew Kenny played one of the Stormtroopers in STAR WARS!!!!

Recommended for Actor Nov 13, 2017

An outstanding actor and very professional!

Recommended for Actor Nov 12, 2017

Unlike a lot of Actors etc Kenny Is always willing to help others and takes pride into his career very reliable

Recommended for Casting Nov 7, 2017

We all work hard at our craft, it’s a tough gig but you inspire me to keep reaching for that dream Kenny! Love from Down Under! Sienna Miller

Recommended for Actor Oct 31, 2017

I have work with Kenny on a few projects. He is great to have around and always performs well.

Recommended for Musician Oct 20, 2017

Impressive chap well recommended great profile full of vibrancy one to keep an eye out for watch this space............

Recommended for Actor Oct 3, 2017

Casting professional

Recommended for Model Sep 19, 2017

A real hard working guy, deserves every success!

Recommended for Actor Sep 19, 2017

Great profile!

Recommended for Actor Sep 4, 2017