Regina Rowlands

Regina Rowlands

Liverpool, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

She is lovely..friendly.. talented..Actor..good to work with .

Recommended for Actor Jan 6, 2020

Regina is a great actor and singer. Also into photography. She is fun to know, hard working professional and is an asset to any production.

Recommended for Actor May 20, 2019

Amazing talent to work alongside. Beyond her abilities she is simply a pleasure to be around. An artist with more than the average myopic view on creativity which is reflected in her photography and filmmaking.

Recommended for TV Show Participant May 17, 2019

She is the most beautiful model ever

Recommended for Model Mar 19, 2019

Regina is a wee gem. Great fun to work with and she a has fun loving spirit. I highly recommend her for your next project. Great character and she has a lovely voice. X

Recommended for Actor Feb 2, 2019

Regina is a cute little Northern Lass. A joy on set and easy to work with, takes direction very well. Would love working with Regina again. I wish Regina success and keep it going. :)

Recommended for Actor Jan 21, 2019

Very talented model who is natural in front of camera .

Recommended for Model Jan 20, 2019

Regina is a multi-talented performer with a wealth of experience in acting, singing, photography and more. Her variety of different looks/characters makes her suitable for lots of different roles.She is a kind, supportive and hard working professional who woukd be an asset to any production. One to watch!

Recommended for Actor Jan 9, 2019

a great model

Recommended for Model Dec 12, 2018

Very professional and a great actress!

Recommended for Actor Dec 4, 2018

I recommend Regina to be a actor as she seems full of life and happiness. All the best for the future Best wishes Demi.

Recommended for Actor Nov 18, 2018

Real inspiration. True pro. Great spirit.

Recommended for Actor Nov 16, 2018

Regina is beautiful, vibrant and multi-talented. She is a great asset to the industry.

Recommended for Model Nov 8, 2018

Very professional

Recommended for Actor Jun 22, 2018

Regina has a lot of valuable experience and there is much from her that an aspiring actor can learn. She's a a really delightful character. I highly recommend!

Recommended for Actor Apr 16, 2018

Recommended for Actor Apr 8, 2018