Jeremy Weston

Jeremy Weston

Manchester, United Kingdom


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Would definitely recommend Jerry. Easy to work with and very professional. Also extremely patient when waiting around on set for his scenes. Thank you for your time and hard work Jerry!

Recommended for Actor Oct 8, 2019

Absolute pleasure to direct Jerry on the comedy series "Paybackers"... a true gentleman and a true pro... Knew every single line, and didn't complain once about the hours he was kept waiting outside - and even lying on a cold wet log for one scene! A joy to work with :)

Recommended for Actor Oct 6, 2019

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Jeremy worked for me as an extra on a Stock Video shoot. He was perfect for the role I had in mind. He's very reliable, follows direction and was a pleasure to work with. Many thanks

Recommended for Extra Jul 8, 2019

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Jeremy is a very professional, punctual and talented actor. Having just worked with him on a short film I was amazed with him from the audition to production. Always on time and prepared for his role he has been one of the best actors have been able to work with to date. I hope that one day we get to work together again!

Recommended for Actor May 10, 2019

The most naturally talented actor I've had the pleasure of working with.

Recommended for Actor Nov 20, 2018

Jeremy was great to work with: professional, enthusiastic and very sharply dressed (required for the role, but best believe it didn't go unnoticed!). Would be happy to recommend Jeremy to anyone.

Recommended for Extra Oct 24, 2018