Eddy Robles

Eddy Robles

New South Wales, Australia


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Eddy was really patient and fun to work with, he knows what he is doing and is good at taking directions on que. I would definitely recommend him as a model and wish him the best in his future endeavours.

Recommended for Model Apr 3, 2019

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Eddy is great to work with - he's punctual and is great to direct. He is very hardworking and can be willing to go beyond his comfort zone. Eddy was able to work with the other actor without fuss and was quite quick to think about his performance when improvising a scene. His great and kind personality added to the positive working environment - he isn't fussy nor is he too hard to work with, he's open to criticism.

Recommended for Actor Mar 28, 2019

A delight to have on set with us. Very professional, punctual and positive.

Recommended for Extra Jan 22, 2019

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He is a very good actor, talented and well-prepared. It was pleasure to work with him.

Recommended for Actor Jan 18, 2019

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