Samantha Lavale

Samantha Lavale

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

I really enjoy working with Samantha. She's very kind and helpful. She also willing to listen to my direction even I can't speak english properly. Her acting performance is exactly what I want, and I'd say she work professionally. She also helping me to find another cast for my film even I'm not asking her.

Recommended for Actor Aug 8, 2011

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Samantha was very easy to work with. Punctual and professional she takes direction well and works great with the other models. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Model Mar 31, 2011

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Samantha was lovely to work with. She arrived on time, put a huge amount of effort into her posing and took directions well. She arrived with a well thought out wardrobe. I would not hesitate in recommending her.

Recommended for Model Mar 24, 2011

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