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Richard Savage - Commercial Reel

A selection of commercial voiceovers with music.

01Richard Savage - Commercial Reel
02Richard Savage - Dry Studio Sample
03Richard Savage - Corporate Demo
04Richard Savage - Character Demo
05Richard Savage - Movie Trailer Demo (Br)
06Richard Savage - Movie Trailer Demo (US)
07Richard Savage - E-Learning Demo

Physical Attributes

183 cm / 6ft 0in
100 kg / 220 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair length:

Credits & experience

  • Video Factory Production : Innovation in Pilsen Region (voiceover)
  • Boxing Starz : Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell - Road To World Champion (voiceover)
  • EdemaRuh : "Something Happened Last Night" student film (narrator)
  • CSChan : "SEE YOU INSIDE" by C.S. Chan - Book Trailer (character voice)
  • Kyle Bullock : Hopefully Prompt Podcast - "A Pigeons Promise" (voiceover)
  • TourStories : Aliens and Herons of Liberec - Guided walk following art in the public space of Liberec (voiceover)
  • Bunny Studios : Serres Saga Webinar (voiceover)
  • Bunny Studios : Shorefield Holidays online & TV ad campaign (voiceover)
  • TourStories : Sculpture and the Liberec City - Guided walk following art in the public space of Liberec (voiceover)
  • Video Factory Production : SIT PORT presentation video (voiceover)
  • Video Factory Production : CENTRUM ROBOTIKY promo video (voiceover)
  • Video Factory Production : LOCHKOV BRIDGE INSPECTION promo video (voiceover)
  • Video Factory Production : DRONES - FIRE SENSOR PROJECT promo video (Voiceover)
  • Parole : Webex Teams Instructional Video (voiceover)
  • Vectis Radio : Wight Military Museum radio ad (voiceover)
  • Vectis Radio : Isle of Thai Restaurant radio ad (voiceover)
  • Vectis Radio : Willy's Guitar Shop radio ad (voiceover)
  • Radio Woking : Lucky's Lost Rockers radio ad (voiceover)
  • Radio Woking : Lucky's Lost Revivals radio ad (voiceover)
  • Radio Woking : Lucky's Lost Beatles radio ad (voiceover)
  • Ladislav Moulis : Packraft ROBfin promo video (voiceover)
  • No Limit Studio : OUR COMPANIES ELITEX promo video (voiceover)
  • No Limit Studio : Science and Technology Park, Plzen promo video (voiceover)
  • Prokeš Video : LINTECH celebrating 20 years! promo video (voiceover)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Czech

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California

Guitarist, singer-songwriter, avid reader of anything good (especially Neil Gaiman) and DIY enthusiast.
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